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Some individuals anticipate a higher ratio of people over 65 years old compared to youths, due to lower birth rate in some countries, especially developed ones, in the coming years. The question is, however, whether this is an advantageous phenomenon or an adverse one. Despite some pros, I firmly believe population aging is harmful to the development of a country.
With the advancement in the realm of medicine, the mortality rate has considerably decreased. Due to such change in some nations, it is assumed that in the coming years there will be a higher density of elderly people as compared to younger generation. In my opinion, it is a negative development as it adversely influences national fund, and furthermore decreases employment opportunities.
It is widely believed that people’s age would be a problem for some countries in near future as the older population will outnumber the younger one. I personally think that this would have numerous negative impacts on the society and I will explain why in this essay.
It is argued that in some parts of the world, number of elderly people would skyrocket in compare to youngsters in future which might bring out some detrimental consequences.
Nowadays, it is a subject of hot debates that the number of old people in comparison with young age groups is increasing. In this essay, I will consider both sides of this phenomenon and reveal why societies will need young people more than the elderly.
The world population is increasing day by day, but this increasing the number of people is not evenly distributed. Some countries gripped by overpopulation and some counties on the other hand suffer from negative population growth rate. Of course this negative rate is a significant issue that should be viewed and analyzed from multiple perspectives.
It is anticipated that in the coming years there will be a higher ratio of senior citizens in comparison to that of younger one’s in various nations around the globe. This essay agrees that due to single child parent or unmarried individual will lead to increase the number of old people in a country. Firstly, we will discuss reason behind their increasing population. Secondly, we will discuss about the positive outcomes that a country can provide to most of the elderly individuals.
Both aspects have got their own positives and negatives. In my opinion, it would be a negative development as the future is always in the hands of the youth and they are considered as the future makers. No doubt, old people have got their importance and thier existence is also important, but when we talk about the future it is always in the hands of the younger generation.
A very clear trend in how society has been changing recently is the ageing of the population in developed countries. Despite all the measures that the governments have been introducing, soon there will be more old people around than youngsters. I find that a truly negative and even frightening tendency.
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