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Technology and Traditional culture are both diffreant things. Technology is generally useful to devlop personality not their culture, but it helps not only to understand others culture but also preserve them.
Nowadays, the issue of whether or not technology and tradition could coexist together has sparked off an intense debate. Although some people claim that traditional cultures must be lost as technology develops, I personally oppose this view and I believe technology could be beneficial to the perseverance of tradition.
It is true that some traditional customs die out during the fast iterations of technology. While some traditional cultures has a disparity with technology, I think most of them will survive.
In this day and age , Due to advancements in technology , there is a growing concern related to disappearing the traditional culture because of the negative correlation between technology and culture. I am in favour of this idea and I will support my opinion with examples .
All of my opposition is to the statement that it's inevitable that traditional cultures will be lost as technology develops. It's irrefutable that the use of technology is beyond what we can imagine in our global village. I will explain with the relevant pieces of proof.
It is a debated issue that technology development might put tradition to an end. According to some people, there is an incompatibility between technology and tradition. I am, however, completely opposed to this view and believe that technology is offering huge support to sustain tradition.
These days, the practice of conventional cultures are now becoming a thing of the past. It is unavoidable that conventional cultures will go into extinction as technical knowledge evolve. Therefore, technology and traditional cultures are a whale of difference. In my opinion, I strongly agree owing to the fact that cultures relating to history have now been taken over with the advent of technology.
Nowadays, technology takes an important place in our daily life. The expansion of the use of different devices for divers reasons, replacing our traditional habits. These two ways to resolve a problem or just do an usual thing are incompatible. In my opinion, technology can be really useful, particularly when people are looking for something, such as a place or a research. However, in certain cases, traditional culture is better to choose. In this essay, I will discuss both parts of this question and give several reasons to my point-view.
Tradition is a crucial part of the social sphere of mankind, as different cultures pride themselves in a variety of attributes. Some are of the school of thought that traditional values will become obsolete because of modernization, and are therefore incompatible. I completely disagree with the notion that our traditional ways of life and beliefs cannot coexist with traditional cultures.
It is belived by many groups that as the technology is developing day after day traditional cultures known to mankind for centuries are fading away. However technology has also led to increase in the number interest of people in various other traditional culture, which were not earlier know to certain goup of people.
The presented map gives the information about Bell hill farms and changes that took place in the years between 1976 and 2006.
This is debatable that our cultural beliefs are diminishing in this modern era in which technology is growing. I totally agree with that statement and this essay will argue that while people and governments are encouraged to use more the-state-of-the-art systems, tend to overlook their cultural values and there is a multicultural world that is becoming as soon.
The technology development could make traditional cultures disspear. Some people belive that technology and traditional has many opposites . In my opinion, I partly agree with culture can coexist with the modernization.
The development of technology could make some cultures disappear. Some people belive that technology and tradition can not coexist with tradition. In my opinion, I partly agree with modernization will cause cultures to change and my reason will be outlined.
The development of technology could make some cultures disappear. Some people belive that technology and tradition can not coexist with tradition. In my opinion, I partly agree with modernization will cause cultures to change and my reason will be outlined.
In the recent decade, humankind has seen the industrial revolution and innovation in technology which was never witnessed before and this has led to a new debate about its impact on different cultures across the globe with many arguing that the digital revolution may completely sweep traditional practices and cultural values. I firmly agree with this notion, and the argument will be supported by a few examples in this essay.
Some people agree that traditional cultures are going to be out-of-date due to the development of technology. I completely disagree with this viewpoint and I believe that all of us could find a better way to live with them.
Technology has transformed the world from primitive to advanced one. However, I disagree with this view, that older culture acts as conflict towards the new advancement, but this is not the case.
According to the globalized world will let original tradition losing when the new technologies come. However, developing technology argued the old rules in the communities is changing indeed, human behaviour became very different rather than back time. I am positive about the new solution of technology, which broadens the traditional culture spread to the world.
Without a doubt, traditional cultures will be eroded with the advancement of technology. Some opine that a disconnect exists between both divides. I believe that this development has come to stay owing to the adoption of modern technologies and architecture by the younger population.
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