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At the present time, most governments around the world are investing a lot of money in art projects. However, people think that it is best to use this money for something more important. In my opinion, governments should use their resources for more important matters. In this essay, the reasons for this statement will be discussed.
There had been researched that numbers of government allocated many amount of money to fund the art activities. As a result, many public places now filled with installations and pictures. A few people disagree with the government choice and suggested that the money should spend on other pivotal things of the civil interest. This essay takes side to agree with the suggestion and would elaborate some of the explanations below.
Nowadays, Countries are investing majorly on profession projects, which displays in open areas. Many are in favour of this decision, while others argue the government should spend money wisely and on more important projects. I agree that investment should be on more important and beneficial things for society. In this essay, I will discuss my views with examples.
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