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A large number of parents are motivated by their young people to occupation during their leisure time. However, after-school jobs like an excellent focus on the use of free time. This motivates some cons to impact. In th
The growing ones are recommended by their guardians to look for some side source of income during their ideal hours. Such an act would make the children learn the value of money however it may lead to the downfall of the
Some parents encourage their kids to work part-time in their leisure time. The primary advantage is the job experience they gain, and the main drawback is the lack of time for education.
Many children are stimulated by their parents to work in part-time jobs in their leisure time. The main benefits are children are going to be more responsible and they will realise the difficulties of earning money. Howe
Children are the utmost wealth of parents. Guiding them to find success is a bit curly process. Most parents persuade their kids to earn money and some may tend to follow their studies. Besides, there are many aspects wh
The idea of students working in their free time is appreciated by most parents. However, it could result in serious consequences, which cannot be neglected.
The role of money in this present world is inescapable. Several toddlers are motivated by their family members to get temporary jobs in their leisure time. This essay will discuss both views prior to reaching a personal
nowadays, parents motivate their children to indulge in various kinds of activities and doing a part time job is one of them. In this essay, I will shed some light on the pros and cons of doing a part time job.
Many parents inspire their children to work during their leisure time. Although an after-school job seems like an excellent approach to using free time, this trend bears some negative impacts. This essay will discuss bot
Many parents inspire their children to work during their leisure time. Although an after-school job seems like an excellent approach to using free time, this trend bears some negative impacts. In this essay, I will disc
Nowadays many families push their children to have extra hours of jobs in their leisure time.I believe this is a good way.There are Both merits and demerits are elaborated further.
In recent years, there has been profound increase in number of children working part times jobs. On one side of the argument there are those who believe children should not work during free time. However, others, oppose
In the modern era, parents encourage their children to get part time jobs in their free time. This encouragement may cause children to get jobs in their leisure time and if it happens, there would be some pros and cons i
Earning extra In an early age becoming a popular trend. In Leisure period a lot of kids are motivated to do the extra small work by their guidance. This essay will discuss both cons and pros.
It is an undeniable fact, that parents nowadays entice their children to look for a part time job to make their free time valuable. In this essay we will examine the benefits and as well as the drawbacks of young pupils
Nowadays, some families tend to entice youngers to arrange part-time time work during their leisure time. This essay will examine some benefits that children can learn as money and economy by working and also some drawba
Nowadays, many adolescents want to start working as soon as they can to have money for their hobbies and desires; however, this may not be that advantageous to their academic performance and development. This essay will
Many parents try to persuade their children to find a job in their spare time. Although it may seem too early to find an employment, there are numerous benefits to it.
It is becoming a trend nowadays for children doing a part time job in their leisure time and this phenomena is supported by the parents. Even though this activity brings beneficial effects for them, it can be followed by
Having a Few hours job in a week at the early age of childhood stage can teach a valuable lesson in a life to become better individuals in a modern society. Nowadays, it is a true fact that most of the parents are moti
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