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Compare to past, nowadays participation , adult in sports has decrease dramatically. I believe there are several reasons why this negative trend is becoming more common and some remedies we can adopt.
It is often thought that a lot of people are participating in physical activities in a younger age. Although, most of them are stopping when they grow up. In the next paragraphs, I will discuss the reason and what can be done to prevent it.
Nowadays, obesity is a major problem in working adults. Lack of physical activity is attributed to this condition. Even though they have been active during their young days, they gradually stop engaging in any type of physical activities as they age more. Reasons like family and job tension are responsible for this in my opinion.
Many people quite their favourite sports once they become adult. This happens due to several reasons. Therefore, one of them is university study or to complete their college degree. However, there are many ways to overcome this problem.
It is a known fact that many individuals embrace games in early childhood and must have participated in one fitness activity such as soccer, swimming and others. However, it is worrisome that these people tend to neglect workouts as they grow into adul
A number of individuals engage themselves in sport activities when they were young, moreover, this scenario changes as they grow up. There are various reasons such as busy work schedules, lack of interest, technological development which has reduced the people's engagement in physical activities.
Majority of the individuals used to participate in sports at a young age but stop after growing up, this is because on off days they consider spending time with family and friends as well as travelling. However, there are some ways which can be used to solve this problem firstly, encouraging employers to reinforce rules such as having inter competition sports between staff held also the government can construct various stadiums hosting different games at no cost.
It is an irrefutable fact that plenty of people in their early age do lots of exercise as compared to their adult age. There are several reasons for such a situation and also a few visible influences too. Both the aspects are explained in the ensuing paragraphs.
Several people are physically active when they are youthfull, but , upon attaining maturity but , they stop endering in sports activities. Some factors have been ascertained to cause these issues ; at the same time , several counter measures have been identify to deal with these issue.
Sports play a vital role in fitness and curb many diseases which is because of a sedentary lifestyle, lots of public play games when they are adult after that they start avoiding it which is dangerous for their health, I reckon more awareness should be spread among community via government, educate the community about health benefits of doing a regular workout in older age.
Many people at a young age exhibit interest in participating in sports. But due to reasons like career priorities and improper time-management, they tend to discontinue these exercises. This can be solved by creating awareness about the importance of fitness in daily routine and by conducting fitness workshops online.
Some people are participating in sports when they are young but they stop it when they are adults and why do adults stop doing physical exercise ?
Although several individuals used to exercise regularly in the past, they quit doing so when they grow up. Which begs a question; why is this happening? In my opinion, I think because they are busier than before. It is therefore recommended that they have to adopt a more active lifestyle
Sports in itself is a remedy to many physical and mental stresses. Youngsters tend to be more involved in sports than adults. Many stop physical exercise due to work-life imbalance as well as a lack of amenities and clubs for them to participate in. Howev
Physical exercise is a need in today's stressful lifestyle; although it is observed that adults are not involved in sports activities as compared to when they were young. In my ,opinion the two main reasons for this are the hectic work environment and th
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