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In this technological era, computers and internet are part of our routine life. One can not imagine life without it. What not? Because, it helps in many ways which simplifies our life in many ways and one of them is that we can do work from the home instead of going to office everyday. As it is said that everything comes with it drawbacks lets, discuss it’s pros and cons.
The technology has given an immense possibility to the human for working with less effort such as doing all work from just sitting at home without a manually present in the office. I think this would have both benefits and drawbacks of following this trend for individuals and the society as well. This essay would discuss both the points in a depth with suitable example, that will be given bellow.
In the contemporary era, there many kinds of technology global. Nowadays, people to want save time in every field. There is myriad public work from their home online. There is numerous merit of this topic along with certain demerits as "every rose comes with thorns", I will present these in the upcoming paragraph.
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