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In recent years, there has been an increase in opportunities for students to continue their education in other countries. I believe that this provides more benefits than drawbacks for the student.
In the modern world, studies are playing a crucial role in a student's life. We can't grow in career without having the knowledge of Science and Technology. Most of the students prefer to complete graduation from foreign universities, because they can be benefited with a job and get settled in the country. Living away from parents and helping in developing the country's economy is the obvious drawbacks. In my opinion, I agree that we have limited advantages and disadvantages in studying aboard.
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In the modern era, an increase in the number of stressed students is a major concern across the countries. With each passing day, they do spend a lot of time while dealing with courses, that really made their lives complicated, there is enough chance of improvement. Huge numbers of people react differently because of ample freedom. The essay will discuss the topic in a broader manner.
In recent years, there has been a vast increase in the number of students choosing to study abroad. This is partly because people are more affluent and partly due to the variety of grants and scholarships which are available for overseas students nowadays. Although foreign study is not something which every student would choose, in my view, it is certainly a very attractive option for many young people as the benefits from studying abroad are more substantial and long term.
The opportnity to study abroad particularly in the country which have high education quality is one of the most prestigious student dream. Many advantages will they obtain if they succed to achieve those chance. On the other side, however, it also will rise disadvantages in some particular problem. This essay will discuss both impact and the solutions to overcome those matters.
In recent yeras, there has been increasing number of foreign student visas in many countries. In my opinion, the former proposition has become more rational. However according to my point of view , increased demand of studying in european countries arises and it will lead to some positive and negative comments which will frurthur lead to logical conclusion.
Nobody can deny that there is an increasing trend of students, specifically from developing countries, moving abroad for higher studies. While this might entail several advantages for the students themselves, there is a certain section of people who believe otherwise. I am firmly in support of utilising any opportunity by youngsters for international studies In the below discourse, I will provide my enlightened standpoint on this topic.
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