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Nowadays, the global relationship always brings benefit for all the countries especially the poor countries. Although these countries often receive financial aid from richer countries, the poverty is not actually solved. For that, it is sometimes argued that developed countries should change another way if they want to help the areas, which are under-developed, and I totally agree with this view.
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Rich countries have helped poorer countries financially for decades now. It’s time for a change! Other ways of aid should be given. This essay will argue whether developed countries should give other types of support to developing countries or not. I think it is completely necessary to give support in other ways other than money.
Wealthier nations often offer financial support to undeveloped countries, however this does nothing to help solving poverty. That is why it is argued that richer countries should provide other kind of support to poorer countries. This essay agrees with this statement because in most of developing countries government are corrupted so the money is not invested and also because money is not useful if richer countries exploited natural resources of developing countries.
Lot of rich countries support poorer nations by financial aid, where this cannot solve the entire poverty. It is agreed that rather than helping by providing money, they can provide moral support for taking them to a better position than they are now. This essay will enlighten how the basic facilities and reduction in crime level go hand in hand with this.
Poor states are frequently given financial support by wealthy nations, but it does not fix poverty. It is argued by some people that developed world should provide aid in other ways rather than money. In my opinion, I agree with this statement because corruption and bad economic policies eat all the cash away before it reaches the needy.
There are lots of poor countries all around the world who need help in order to solve the poverty. However, financial aid seems to be not so useful. I totally agree with the statement that developed country should find another way to support them.
Wealthy countries often give away a hefty amount of money to the underprivileged nation; however, some people hold the opinion that rich nations should explore other ways of offering financial help to them in order to resolve their money deficit. I strongly agree with this notion and will discuss how affluent countries can address this issue by investing in businesses and education of poor countries.
Providing a financial aid to under-developed or developing countries does not solve the poverty and starvation. Thus, some people believe that developed countries should give support to those countries instead of giving or donating money. In my opinion, I agree that there should be a better way, if possible, than just giving financial aid to poorer countries as this method does not help them in a long term. However it depends on what kind of situation that poorer countries face at the moment.
Just by giving a financial aid to under-developed or developing countries cannot eliminate poverty and starvation. Thus, developed countries should help them by supporting other kinds of help instead of giving or donating money to them. In my opinion, I agree that it would be the best if rich countries can assist poorer countries in the other way round because only financial aid cannot solve the social problems in a long term. However, it depends on the situation the each country faces at the moment.
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It is quite a known fact that developed countries often lend their money to the poorer nations in the idea of helping their economy grow and be in-line with the global economy standards.
Wealthy countries always provide financial support to undeveloped countries, which is insufficient to reduce poverty.So,developed nations should focus on giving additional help to the needy countries along with the financial aid. I strongly agree to the statement and i will elaborate my views in the following paragraph .
In recent years, there are two different opinions, one of which is that developed nation should provide developing countries with amounts of financial support, the other of which is that there are several factors of having the importance which can improve the low levels of countries, even with the exception of the grant. I personally am in favour of the latter.
Well development countries usually provide monetory povission to undevelopemt countries but it never solve their difficulty. Consequently, richiest countries should come up with help of other necissites other than money. According my opinion, well established countries ought to provide with important training and tools alongside with money which might allow to train their people and establish factories to build a source of income which be the key to change the financial situation.
Poverty is becoming an increasingly heated global issue facing both individuals and nations. Although it's believed that wealthy countries usually help poorer ones by giving them money, the problem is not yet solved. Therefore, other forms of help should be tried as well as financial support. This essay will argue why this is ultimately accurate.
In recent years, giving money to poorer countries has been a topic of heated debate. Although giving money to poorer countries is thought by some to be able to improve their welfare, other people argue that countries in poverty need help developed countries to give different aids for growing themselves. In my opinion, financial aid is needed to coincide with technological and agricultural aid for solving poverty in these countries.
There’s no doubt that in the modern World poorer countries dealing with a lot of problem than rich nations. While some people believes that, modern countries should prevent a lot of thinks also only financal support will be not enough for them , others argues that, the money can solve any problem and rich countries could focus their areas. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the arguements and explain my support for the former view.
In recent years, there has been a growing recognition that many developed countries have provided poor ones with financial aid. However, it has been argued that giving money to them does not solve poverty. In my opinion, I do believe that there are many ways that a country can help another rather than lending them money.
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Developed countries have been helped sub developed countries giving money, actually it is not a solution for the problem of lack of money. However rich countries should provide to them different kind of helping for poorer countries instead of financial help. This essay agrees with the statement, because poor countries will be better if they received help about education and health.
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