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Boarding schools, where students have to stay all the time during a particular term, have become increasingly popular these days, although some people do not support the idea of staying at schools. This essay will discuss both aspects of this debatable issue and explain why it appears that this type of schools are not a good option for pupils.
Many people consider that it has a lot of benefits to send their children to residential schools. On the contrary, some refuse and argue that there are many constraints to children to study and live in a dormitory. In this essay, it will be discussed both sides of the argument and achieve a conclusion.
These days, more and more schools offer dormitories for students, therefore, they can focus on learning in a well-structured academic environment. Although some parents think boarding schools are ineffective for students, I assert that children can learn
Children are the backbone of a nation . No nation can achive development without the contribution of yout. Education plays a significant role in the progress of human race. Bright future of offsprings are the main motivation of today's parent
There is a widely-held concerns that boarding schools have overwhelming positives, while other arguments can be made against the idea. This essay will discuss the debate, and give a concluding views.
There is a widely-held concerns that boarding schools have overwhelming positives, while other arguments can be made against the idea. This essay will elucidate the debate, and give a concluding views.
From my understanding of the situation, it might reflect negative impact on family relations between the child and parents when parents send them to boarding schools in early age. At the same time there are a few advantages, but in comparative disadvantages are quite a few.
School life plays a vital role in the learning phase of a child. Child learn from the given atmosphere around him during the school life. Either it should be boarding school or not is debateable.
some people consider that pansion schools have proper opportunities for their children to be successful ,whereas others are totally disagree with numerous causes.It would be appear that there are some advantageous or disadvantageous in both sides ,which I will consider it in this essay and at the end conclud it.
It is irrefutable, majority of masses think that boarding schools are the best choice for children, whereas others think that it is not good, because of some reasons. However, this essay will discuss both sides and before reach a conclusion.
There is an argument that centres on handling kids with school with dormitories by which to the best selection for students or many negative effects to them. Even though boarding schools are a great chance for children, in my opinion, I highly believe that, young people stay with their parents is the greatest situation for them.
Whereas another public for differing several of reasons, whoever palpate that the dormitory is an outstanding option for the juvenile. However, the issue is not entirely straightforward, and the argument can also be made against the idea. This essay will discuss the debate and a give concluding view.
We are provided with the statement, Students staying in schools during the working days is a better option, meanwhile some feel that it is not the right thing for students. In the following essay, I would argue on both the views and could raise up a conclusion.
It is often believed that boarding schools are a great alternative for kids, however, the issue is not totally straightforward and arguments can also be made against idea for a dozen of causes. This essay will discuss the debate and give a conclusion of this discussion.
It is often said that children benefit from staying in the school hostel,especially in today’s sedentary lifestyle.However,this issue is not entirely straightforward,and arguments can also be made against the idea.This essay will discuss the debate,and give a concluding view.
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