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Lately, a plethora of topics are being seriously talked about among various individuals and groups, and one prominent topic is intelligence. Some observers believe that abilities come from nature while others believe the
Some people contend that intelligence is innate, while others hold a diametrically opposing view and opine that one can strenghthen our intelligence through learning. This essay will examine both views and will weigh up
In contemporary society, intelligence has been a topic of interest among the masses. While some people are convinced that intelligence is unchanged since birth, others posit that learning can ameliorate the level of int
One group of individuals consider intelligence to be predetermined as a result of our genes, while another group believe that people could definitely become intelligent due to the education system.
Nowadys, in our society there are widspread discussion about source of intelligence. Some individuals believe that intelligence is inborn whereas others feel that we can enhance our intelligence via learning process. In
Intelligence is, Indeed a superior gift any human can possess. However, there are predominantly two contrasting views , where a section of society claims that we can improve our intellect through learning while others e
Some people argue that learning could improve intelligence while others believe that it is hereditary. In my opinion, intelligence could have development if is nurtured properly although inherited genes could have a cruc
As we all know, There are a lot of humans on earth who has different ability and intelligence. Actually, when we were children, our families could guess what talent we have. Some parents guide us according to our talents
People have different views about whether intelligence is gotten by born or learning is a good way to progress someone's intelligence. While it may be a natural activity, I believe it will gain by learning.
In this day and age, education is compulsory for both boys and girls for excelling in their careers. But in many countries, schools and colleges have been built separately for female candidates. There are certain advanta
Intellectual power and smartness can be grown naturally, whereas some people think that they can be increased by adopting learning habits.
People hold different opinions about whether intelligence is inborn or comes from learning. Although in some cases, intelligence is inherited, I believe that we can enhance and develop our smartness through studying.
Many people consider intelligence as an inborn quality , while others think that it can be improved by the learning process . Although, some individuals are blessful for natural talents , I believe that the wisdom acquir
Certain group of individuals believe that IQ level is an inborn quality while others opine that it could be improved by learning.I personally agree with the latter statement as majority of people are born with an average
Achievers in every field are believed to be talented inherently. However, there is a myriad of individuals who gained success in their lives by perseverance and hard performance who, even did not inherent high IQ legacy.
Achivers in every field belived to be talented inherently. However, there are a myrid of individuals who gained sucess in their lives by perseverance and hard work who, even did not inherent high IQ legacy. Nevertheless
Intelligence is one the power of everybody's life, this can determine the man's future in order to people give the most important than others. However, some believe that cognitive is a natural one, while others think th
Nowadays, a great deal of attention has been paid to one's talent. Some people insist that a certain proportion of people are born as geniuses, while others think talents are difined one's effort. In this essay, I am go
In recent years,there have been many discussions that vacillate between whether intelligence is innate or it can be developed and improved through learning. However, I firmly believe that although in some cases intellig
It is often believed that intelligence is natural while some think that intelligence can be developed through learning.However,being intelligent is gifted as well as gained through knowledge.
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