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Several individuals believe that toddlers can learn from their parents how to be an appropriate person in society; however, few of them think educational institutions are the best place to acquire this knowledge. Additio
Being a useful member of society is a concept which should be tought to children either by parents or school. Some people consider parents responsibilities to do it, while others think school is in the place to teach sui
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Education has always been an essential aspect of human development, and the progress of civilisation has been inextricably linked to the progress of education. However, in ancient societies, access to education was not u
A group of individuals presents the view that it is parents' responsibility to teach children the ways they can help society, while others claim that children should be taught it at school. I strongly agree with the latt
It goes without saying that children make up the majority of the population. Considering this fact, they form the basic foundation of the society. Few people believe to be a good part of society, guardians should teac
Most societies believe that parents must educate kids on how to be good humans in today's environment. While others think that school is the best location to grasp this. Based on my point of view, parents and schools a
Most societies believe that parents must educate kids on how to be good humans in today's environment. While others think that school is the best location to grasp this. In this essay I am going to examine this phenome
Many people suppose that good manner should be taught to children by parents, while others claim that creating an affable kid is a resbonsibility of school. In my opinion, elder generation at home should construct the ba
It is generally believed by certain people that the parents are responsible for their children to be a good person in society. By contrast, others believe school is a platform for learning this discipline. In my perspect
It is believed that the topic of parents should be involved in the educational process to direct their child to become well-rounded citizens. Others have the idea that educational institution is more fit for that role. I
Many people claim that children should be nurtured and learn the ways of being fruitful for their country by their parents at home. In contrast, the others believe that they should learn this at school. In my view, both
One of the widely discussed issues nowadays is that people think that parents are responsible for teaching their children to become good members of the society, while others used to think that children must learn this in
While some people think that children should be taught to be nice members of society by their parents, others argue that academic institutions are the place to educate them. This essay will discuss both of these views; h
Without any doubt, society is divided into two groups as per the distinct mindset of people. Therefore, it has become a debatable issue whether parents should be responsible to teach young ones how to become prominent r
In today’s world, the importance of educating children is clearly evident. Individuals have different views about whether youngsters should be taught by their parents or school to become responsible citizens for the comm
Some people believe that parents should teach their kids how to be good members of society. On the other hand, some people argue that school is the place
Some people believe that the family should be the first place where children learn to be part of society. Others are of the opinion that the school should be responsible for the socialization of pupils. However, in my op
Nowadays, there are two opposite points of view regarding ways to integrate a child into society. It might be a vital thing for kids in terms of their future personal and professional lives. Some people believe that it i
Most individuals believe that guardians should make their toddlers understand to become wise people in the community while others opine that an institute is the best place to learn good habits. This essay will discuss b
An individual spends the majority of one's growing years in school and at his residence. Thus, a question arises. Who should teach the child to become a good member of the society? Should it be the school or the parents
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