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The bar chart illustrates the ten highest-ranked countries in using and producing electricity in 2014, with the number reported in billion kWh. Overall, there were some Asian, American, and European countries in the top
The table demonstrates how much electricity was generated and consumed in 2013, which is based on billion kWh, in ten countries that were the most energy-intensive and electricity producers.
The bar chart below demonstrates the electricity usage and production in several countries which have the highest ranks in 2014. According to available data, China has the first position and the United States is next. Mo
The bar chart illustrates how the top ten countries consumed and produced electricity in 2014. Overall, it can be seen that China has the highest consumption and production of electricity and Korea has the lowest. It can
The given bar chart illustrates the ten countries which are the top ten countries in manufacturing and consuming electricity by their rank in 2014. As an overview, China had the first rank in both production and consumpt
The bar chart shows the top 10 countries for electricity production and consumption in 2014. China is the leading producer and consumer of electricity, followed by the United States, Russia, and Japan. Canada, France, Br
The bar chart illustrates the best ten countries on how much they generated and used electricity per billion kWh in 2014. Overall, electricity usage increased steadily for China and The United States but decreased for th
The chart describes how much production and consumption of electricity is used among ten countries in 2014. It looks like there was a slight difference between production and consumption among countries.
This chart illustrates top ten countries in terms of their electricity production and consumption in 2014. The following text summarizes the main features which can be extracted from this chart.
This bar chart provides information on electricity production and consumption in 10 countries during 2014. It is evident that China and the United States were the highest in both production and consumption, while the oth
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