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The proportion of water used for agricultural, industrial and domestic purpose in six distinct parts of the world is delineated in the pie charts given.
The pie charts illustrate the proportions of water that are utilized in different sectors, including industry, agriculture, and domestic, in six regions of the world.
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The pie charts illustrate the water allocation for different purposes in six different continents and sub-continents in the world. As observed from the charts, there are two variations in the majority of water usage. Mos
The given pie charts provide information about how much water is being used for different purposes such as industrial, agricultural and domestic in percentage. These information involve six different places in the world.
The given pie charts depict the proportion of the water consumption in six areas across the globe. On the other hand, they shed lights to the geographical variation on the use of water in that period of time.
The pie charts display the proportion of water used for Industrial, Agricultural and Domestic Purposes in six countries in the world which are,North and South America,Europe,Africa,Central and South East Asia.It is evide
The given pie charts depict information about the utilisation of water for various applications in six parts of the world. The units are denoted as a percentage.
The six shown pie charts compare the consumation's rate of water in industrial, agricultural and finally domestic usage method in six different parts of world including Europe. As it can be seen in all pie chart, countri
The diagram illustrates the amount of each hundreds of water in Six areas of the globe for various needs. Overall, the graph describes the purposes of water such as industrial, Agricultural, and Domestic Use while also d
The pie chart illustrates the proportion of water used for different purposes in six areas namely: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia.
The charts show the percentage of water used for different purposes including: Industrial use, Agricultural use and Domestic use in 6 areas of the world.
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