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While the first bar chart illustrates the growth of the population in England and Wales for three centuries beginning from 1700, the second block delineates the details regarding births and deaths for the same period. Th
The bar charts illustrate about two types of TV shows in Australia, reality shows and game shows, liked to watch by male and female and four different groups of age 16-24, 25-34, 35-44, above 45. Overall, the percentage
The given bar charts illustrate extensive information regarding the percentages of individuals who prefer to watch reality shows or game shows in terms of gender and age in Australia.
The graph below outlines data on two genres of TV channels seen by each gender and four different ages in Australia.
The bar charts illustrate the information about two genres of TV programes watched by men and woman and four different age groups in australia with both instruments in percentages.The first bar chart dispaly the informat
The bar graph describes how the difference in the preference of TV programes depending on gender and age in Australia.
The graphs depict a comparison of the spectators of two specific genres of TV programmes grouped by gender and maturity in Australia. Overall, it can be seen that reality shows are the most popular genre among females a
The bar charts illustrates that two genres of TV programmes such as game shows and relaity shows watched by male and female in four categories of the age group people in Australia.
The bar diagrams provide data about Australia's people's preference for watching two different genres of TV programs, observed in sexes and in 4 age groups.
The bar charts compare and contrast data on pecentage of men and women and four different age groups watch reality shows and game shows. Overall, while the women prefer to watch more reality shows than game shows, the me
Depicted in the diagram information about two diffrent genres of TV programmes watched by men and women and four diffrent age groups in Australia.
Modern gadgets like smartphones and tablets are widely used by young people. Could these devices boost creativity among youngsters potentially? This is a controversial question of scientists. I, personally, believe that
The charts give iformation about two genres of TV programmes watched by men and women and four different age groups in Australia. Two grahs show about two various TV shows, these are reality shows and game shows. Overall
The provided column chart illustrates the audience of TV programmes in case of maturity party and sex. At first glance, it can be clearly seen that the 45+ age group has the higher rate amoung the other groups. The prov
The charts give information about the genres of TV shows that Australian men and women and different age groups watch.
Two charts below indicate how popular of reality shows and game shows watched by Australian in ages and genders. Overall, it is clear that the proportion of women watching reality shows significantly overwhelms the those
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