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The diagrams illustrate the TV programs that watched by Australian women and men and different age groups.
Modern gadgets like smartphones and tablets are widely used by young people. Could these devices boost creativity among youngsters potentially? This is a controversial question of scientists. I, personally, believe that
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The charts give iformation about two genres of TV programmes watched by men and women and four different age groups in Australia. Two grahs show about two various TV shows, these are reality shows and game shows. Overall
The provided column chart illustrates the audience of TV programmes in case of maturity party and sex. At first glance, it can be clearly seen that the 45+ age group has the higher rate amoung the other groups. The prov
The charts give information about the genres of TV shows that Australian men and women and different age groups watch.
Two charts below indicate how popular of reality shows and game shows watched by Australian in ages and genders. Overall, it is clear that the proportion of women watching reality shows significantly overwhelms the those
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