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The table diagram illustrates the percentages of income,which was spent on food,electronic equipment,music and videos in the UK in 1998.
The table illustrates how adults and children use their money with a particular distribution of food, electronic equipment, music and videos in UK during 1998.
The given table represents the proportion of money spent on 4 common items by adults and children in the UK in 1998.
The picture illustrates the rates of spending money by adults (men and women) and children (boys and girls) in the UK on 4 common goods in 1998. The items include food, electronic equipment, music and videos. Overall, the most items that were the expendit
The given table illustrates the comparison of different age groups used up their income for 4 common items in the UK in 1998.
This table graph illustrated information about consumer expenditures in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey in three several categories in the year 2002.
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