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Society believe that living in urban areas is hard while other says it is more comfortable. Cities have much to offer to those who prefer to leave. However, in my future paragraph, both advantages and disadvantages of it
In today's rapidly evolving world, people are presented with various incentives to reside in metropolises, such as diverse job prospects and a luxurious lifestyle. This has amplified the desire for urban living. However,
Nowadays people are more inclined towards living in city areas than living in rural.The reason for this is that moving to a developed area has the benefits of better employment and education.Although there are pros there
The idea of shifting towards urban areas becoming controversial some individuals think that it would cause more problems while other believe something it would be best. In this essay,I would highlight both cons and pr
Many People opine that urban fields are better places to live in because more job options are available in cities rather than in the rural fields,as well as more sources of entertainment are also there. However , there
Nowadays, talking aboult how hard is to live in a metropole is becoming increasingly popular. In order to support the large demand of employers, these places always are crowded of people. However, there are both pros and
Nowadays, while some people affirm that huge metropolities offer facilities which worth to live there, others relate this idea with the challeges faced by the locals. However, there are both pros and cons of making a bi
Nowadays, people are now facing haphazardly in urban areas. For many people, cities can be much more efficient for living. However, there are both pros and cons to deciding on this. In this essay, I will discuss some of
It would be a perfect world if resources were distributed equally in every part of the country but it is certainly not the case. Especially in most developing countries including Thailand, where government and central au
It is commonly believed by some individuals that develop areas such as cities are the best place to live rather than living in countryside spaces. Moreover, there are both merits and demerits of this progression which I
These days many people prefer to settle down in modern cities. From my point of view, I think people tend to move to big cities to boost their prospective and their opportunities to find better jobs.
A megacity has attracted hundreds and thousands of people to come because people believe that the big city has the best resources. However, a big city also has some disadvantages. My reasons will be explained in the foll
Nowadays, the upbringing of a child has become a sensitive topic because some folk choose to live in urban sides while others believe that rural area is the best place to live. I opine that living in cities has more ben
Most population think that survival in metropolitan cities is hard. While others disagree and believe that it is more easy and suitable. Living in developed cities will aid in better job opportunities and convenience but
‏The idea of living in a large city is troublesome or comfortable has been a controversial issue for a long time for people. While a group of people believe that lifestyle in a big city is hard, the other group firmly ar
Some people think that living in urban areas is disadvantageous. In my opinion, the benefits of living in the cities outweigh its downsides.
In recent years, living in big cities has become a popular trend of young generation. It is their view that cities are ideal places to live. While there are some undoubted benefits of this trend, such as the high living
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