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Nowadays, as having radically different strengths and weaknesses based on mentality and physicality, women and men have been facing a wide range of quandaries to be exclude from particular professions. From my perspective, it should be equal to give both genders the same opportunities at work and in life generally.
Stereotypes of gender-related ideologies perpetuate the notion of men and women possessing distinguished assets and flaws and thus, suggest that restrictions in career choice are needed for both genders. From my perspective, I vigorously disagree with this statement.
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“Men and women are like right and left hands; it doesn't make sense not to use both” – is a famous quote said by Jeannette Rankin – a politician and a feminist I admire. Nowadays, it is ashamed when the discrimination on gender still happens in some countries. In my opinion, women should live in an equal world where there has no male chauvinism and no bias for men.
Males and females are constantly questioned each capability, because of this; professionals may vary on their gender. This essay will decipher certain works that depend on their sexuality.
It is such a great pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for Retno Kusuma Ningrum for her graduate studies in Marine and Natural Resources Management. I have known Retno professionally for 4 years since 2018. I met her for the first time when she was an intern at LINI Foundation. My professional relationship continues with her as she became the Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) officer in one of LINI’s projects in 2020, and is currently proposed as a teaching fellow for one of LINI’s programme. Our last coordination was on February 2022 to discuss LINI’s internship programme where she can contribute as a teaching fellow for the interns which is planned to start at the beginning of March 2022. She had performed her duties successfully with her best efforts and abilities by completing all tasks assigned meticulously. I assigned coordination and implementation of the FIP project in Jakarta to Retno and monitored her performance which she had completed in an ethical manner and professionally. A complexity of deliverables that she had to produce with the limited time was difficult to handle and she was able to manage it successfully by providing several analysis documents on gender role and lesson learned in the tuna longline fishing industry in Jakarta which can be used as consideration of the next stages.
In a contemporary era, both men and women have equality in every area. They both are capable to do all works. It is often argued by a section of society that because of different behaviours it is important to set specific jobs for both genders. However, I firmly disagree with this notion.
Gender dissimilarity has been viewed as having a profound impact on an individual’s career opportunities. However, this sexual difference should not be a restriction on the way both males and females pursue their dream jobs. The reasons for such an agreement will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.
‏There is no doubt that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. The question is, should some professions be dedicated exclusively to one gender rather than another? In this article I am going to discuss whether there is a truth behind the validity of excluding people from their jobs because of their gender and draw my opinion in conclusion.
There is no doubt that men and women have variety skill's sets. The question is can people be excluded from a particular profession because of their gender? In this article I will discuss whether there is any truth behind the idea of ​​excluding men or women from the profession because of gender and I draw my opinion in the conclusion.
There is no doubt that these days females and males are equal in rights in everything. But the question is, is it right to assign men and women particular tasks according to their abilities? In this essay, I am going to study this phenomenon from my own view.
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There is no doubt that these days female and male are equal in rights in everything. But the question is, is it right to assign men and women by particular tasks according to their abilities? In this essay, I am going to study this phenomenon from my own view.
Many people tradiotionaly considered man and women to be fundametaly different in regards to their strengths and weaknessess. While man were considered physically and mentaly superior, woman were thought to be artistic, patient and calculated.
Gender inequality is one of the major concerns in most developing countries. However, in today's world men and women are getting equal opportunities in terms of jobs, education and in all other fields. But large sections of society still believes that some jobs are more suitable for men as compared to women. I am of the opinion that this is the matter to debate in the light of several factors before any conclusion can be drawn. In this essay, we will discuss both sides of the coin.
Males and females are often viewed as having differing skill sets. It is agreed that it is correct to exclude people from certain jobs on the basis of their gender, but only in very limited circumstances. This essay will first discuss how physical attributes prevent women from excelling in particular roles; secondly discuss how society at large rejects men from undertaking certain careers, followed by a reasoned conclusion.
Human beings are created as male and female to complement each other. Although it is common to see each gender has its different strengths and weaknesses, it is argued whether that reason gives the right to exclude men or women from certain professions because of their gender. I will show in this essay that should not be the case, based on the existence of exceptions for the rule and the additional advantages obtained by having different genders in a profession.
It is a very well know fact that men and women bring different traits and drawbacks to the table in a professional setting, which is why some people say that certain jobs should be off limits based on one's gender. I disagree with this suggestion because each gender has something unique to offer in a business. Firstly, this essay will explain how the different skills that both the genders bring is a key to the success of any enterprise, followed by how a proper amalgamation of sexes in the office creates healthy competition.
There have alway been different in type of men and women career. in the past, Women generally relate to the job that focus to service or care, while men relate to the job that focus to strength. However, in modern time both gender have been gained education equally and many jobs focus on the intelligent or ability which can to either man or women. In my opinion, we should encouraged gender equality in working place.
Right now almost 8 billions people are living on our planet, huge number of men and women and each of them has particular qualities, which can be limitations or dignities and have in impact on personal life and job. Unfortunately, the modern society has a lot of gender stereotypes, which limit job opportunities.
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There is a popular belief among people that men and women contain varied efficiencies and frailty. I agree with this statement because some jobs requiring physical labour prefer males over females, and similarly, nursing and teaching jobs are considered the most suitable for females. This essay will argue why jobs should be allocated on the basis of gender.
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