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Lots of people believe that both genders have advantages and drawbacks, when it comes to careers, some professions shoul be only suitable for men or women. This solid thinking is consdered a traditionat value which devel
Firstly , it is true that boys and girls have different strengths. Men will almost always have more strength than women. but there are still some individuals who are female but they are still very strong. Of course, each
Nowadays, when women and men become more equal than those in the past and more and more women are occupying many important positions in society, there is still suggestion that males and females should be excluded from so
In this modern era, men and women of both genders are working together. Having different strengths and weaknesses as men and women, it is appropriate to distinguish between these gender roles considering certain professi
It has been argued that males and females have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is necessary to help them choose the right professions based on their gender. I completely agree with that opinion, relying on exa
As we know, we live in a male-dominated society where both men and women are treated differently. The rule makers of society or the elders of the family limit their strengths and weaknesses . I don't think it is right to
Gender based jobs has always been a debatable topic until today. Several people thought dividing some profession on the based of gender can be a right decision since both of them have totally different points of strentgh
Some individuals have the idea of excluding a specific gender from particular occupations, as they believe males and females have different potentials and weak points. I strongly disagree with this notion.
It is true that females and males have different physical and psychological characteristics, and thus some people argue that professions or jobs that need more physical strength are suitable for men, and women should not
It is widely perceived that women and men possess diverse advantages and disadvantages. Some consequently believe that gender should be a selection criterion for several occupations. Others argue that gender should not b
There have been many gender discriminations in terms of occupation throughout the history .Nowadays, it has lost its activity;however, the discriminations derived from differences still exist in modern world. Some would
Generally, it is widely noticeable that strengthening or weakening in something can be identified by gender while others believe it is too early to reach that principle. Using gender criteria alone is not enough to defin
In some society, there is gender inequality between female and male which is independent on their ability that includes body and mentally aspects. In this essay i will discuss why some public choose employees based on ge
It is asserted by society that men or women should not be allowed to perform some kinds of jobs owing to the difference between their powers as well as fragility;however,I strongly disaccord with this assumption, employm
Lots of people believe that both genders have advantages and drawbacks, when it comes to careers, some professions should be only suitable for men or women. This solid thinking is considered a traditional value which dev
In recent years, lots of people propose that everyone’s jobs will be dependent on their gender. This soil thinking induces many repercussions whilst some people continue to trust this point that they think it right.
Although women and men have different strengths and weaknesses, I do not believe anyone should be excluded from any profession because of their gender as this can greatly hinder people whose strengths do not conform to t
Nowadays, most men and women have a profession, but some of the people cannot get their ideal job because of their gender. In my point of view, everyone has the right to choose what they want to be and what makes them ha
There have been always differences between men's and women's work positions depending on their gender. However, nowadays, both men and women have more freedom to choose what they want to do as their career and job. Some
Generally, Each gender has an impact on strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, The professions' lives will be determined by their sex. Certainly, I strongly agree with this statement. Hence, I would like to share an idea o
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