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The Pie chart illustrates information about the percentages of methods used to get rid of dangerous waste items in the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Republic of Korea.
The pie charts show the proportion of revenue and expenditures in 2016 for a children’s charity in the USA. According to the data, it can be seen that donated food accounted for the majority of the income, while program services accounted for the most exp
The pie charts illustrate the average consumptions of family in a coutry in two different years, 1950 and 2010. It clearly depicts that the changes in expenses of different household items in these two years.
As it can be seen, there are two pie charts at the top which show the Germany's electricity generation in general and renewables energy in 560 billion kilowatt. And at the bottom part, they have shown the same thing in 510 billion kilowatt.
Information is presented in two pie charts which compare the amount of time, in percentage, that employees spent on six different activities in a country between 1958 and 2008.
The bar chart below, depicts, in the year 2009, the activity of men and women during the evening time. The courses taken into consideration are 4, namely Drama, Painting, Sculpture and Language; While the range of age is between 20 to 50 or over.
The bar chart depicts how many males and females participated in four different kinds of courses at an adult education centre in 2009. In addition, the bar chart on the right-hand side illustrates the proportions representations about 5 age groups of cour
The two charts depict rural share of poverty during the decade-long period 1993-2002, and the comparative spread in rural vis-à-vis urban areas, specifically in the terminal year 2002.
Both figures illustrate the UK's last year crime information. Line graph describes the relation between crime and age, whereas pie chart demonstrate the percentage of crimes.
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