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I am writing to complain about destop comuter that is provided by your company for work purpose. From a couple of weeks ago, the computer is hanging frequently. Especially, when I am typing anything for a long, it just s
I am writing a letter to inform you about a product that I recently purchased from your shop. It has stopped working, I do not know what is the problem.
I am writing this letter to bring to your intention the problem I face in my home. The issues with my laptop keyboard due to some disfunctional button. so I find difficult to open my file as can not type anything.
I am writing to report a problem which I am experiencing with the laptop I purshased from your shop few weeks ago.The laptop is Lenovo 360 model.
I am writing this letter regarding that we have a problem with a piece of equitment in my company. I want order one laptop as soon as you must send this mouse
As a long-time customer of your company, I am writing to you to express my complaint about a device which I bought last month. The device is an internet modem and the serial number is 211536431.
I am writing to you regarding a recent purchase I make from your shop on March 12 2024 I bought a laptop from your store unluckily the equipment did not work when I tried to use it, despite following the instructions car
I am writing this letter to bring your attention towards the issue that I face while using a newly purchased laptop of Samsung company from your store.
I am writing this letter to you to draw your attention towards the Dell laptop that I recently bought from your one of stores located in Orchard park in kelowa two weeks ago.
I am writing to bring to your attention a problem that I am currently experiencing with a laptop that I purchased from your store. The laptop in question is a Toshiba Satellite Pro.
I am writing this letter to request support regarding the digital tablet you provided me for my home-based work. The tablet in question is a Wacom 12 Pro.
I am writing to let you know that while I was working on my laptop, I accidentally broke its hinges . Now I can neither turn on my laptop nor able to able work on it.
Dear Amazon Store Good morning, I am sending a letter to your's, to inform you about a problem happened to me after buya cutting machine from you last week. After starting use cutting instrument to cut paper unfortunatel
I am a loyal customer of your shop and I am writing this letter in order to make a complaint about the desktop which I bought from your store last week.
My name is Daniel, a web designer, and I bought a monitor from the store on the 1st of May for work-related reasons. This equipment arrived earlier today and I am writing this letter to you to complain about an out-of-th
I am writing this letter to bring your attention about the last camera I purchaed from your store on 12 of December 2023 My name is Sarah and I am constant customer at your store.
I am writing this email to complain about the printer that I purchased from your store. On the 17th of November, I bought a LaserJet printer from your establishment with the expectation of purchasing a high-quality produ
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