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In an ever-progressive society, there is a trend towards using public parks and open spaces for local residents to grow fruit and vegetables. This situation contains a lot of impacts that outweigh its benefits to society.
Recent readers indicate that amenities for social demand such as parks are replaced by gardens that are used for plants in urban areas. This writer believes that the advantages of this change cannot outweigh the negative side. The following essay will advocate this standpoint.
Nowadays, a lot of people consider trusting traditional medicine rather than going to doctors. I think it is a negative development and will provide an explanation of why this might be the case.
Recently, a large number of small local shops have closed due to most shoppers prefer going to big shopping centres or malls to do their shopping. In my view, this should be perceived as a negative trend for two main reasons.
While the general role of the school is widely recognized, the deeper debate on education philosophy still concerns its primary focus. Some people argue that school is supposed to produce useful citizens and workers for the future instead of catering for individuals’ benefits. I totally agree with this viewpoint.
Many people believe that schools should educate children to be nice residents and employees instead of turning them into a beneficial person. This author agrees with this statement due to the priority for the general interest and the trend of socialization.
Opinions are divided on whether improvement in the economy is the only method to put an end to poverty and hunger, or whether such improvement is inflicting damage on the environment and must stop now. I disagree with both sides of the argument for several reasons.
One of the most popular hobbies in the world is camping, and some aspects of this are very dangerous, but there are also many beneficial aspects for human health.
It is thought by some people that public health care and education should be paid for by governments while others believe they need to focus more on other issues. In this essay, both viewpoints will be outlined before reaching a conclusion.
One school of thought holds that acquiring knowledge of a foreign vocabulary should be wasted time due to the accuracy of cutting-edge technologies such as computers. While I accept that this perception is somewhat justifiable, I believe that studying another accent could bring a plethora of benefits for learners.
Today, the Internet serves as our maps, our encyclopedias, and sometimes, our lifelines for social interactions, consequently, the Internet is crucial in shaping people's lives. I think the accessibility of the Internet is vitally similar to other public utilities consequently the authority should encourage society with free Internet connection. This step helps to improve educational services and employment opportunities.
Whether or not taking risks is very vital in working and personal lives.The writer of this essay agrees with the notion of risking something in life which has more benefits of receiving wonderful success and against a miserable circumstance outweighs the drawbacks of failure.
Nowadays, many developing countries are suffering from numerous health issues including obesity disease. These issues are originated from individuals' lifestyle and their daily habits. Therefore, this essay will elaborate more on the main causes of the problem and deliver some active solutions to mitigate its effects.
In these days and ages, there are significant demands for specialists such as surgeons or engineers all over the globe. Some claim that these experts have to work in their motherland. Others, however, contend that they have the liberty to choose where to work. Personally, I side with the latter insight.
The debate on the purpose of acquiring a new language often revolves around its utility for travel and work versus its broader benefits. While some individuals believe that learning a language is primarily for traveling and working in another country, others argue that the advantages extend far beyond these practical applications. I agree with the latter view, as the knowledge of another language also enhances opportunities in higher education and the business sector.
People's perspectives on acquiring a second language vary; some think that studying and living overseas is primarily motivated by this goal, while others think there are other motivations at play. The primary reason for learning a foreign language, in my opinion, is to be able to travel and work abroad.
The younger generations in this contemporary time have gained an accessibility to social media more than in the past. In this essay, problems and solutions of this matter will be outlined in the following paragraphs before reaching a conclusion.
Nowadays, due to improvements in science, people have higher expectations from their governments. One of these expectations is the search for life on other planets. However, some people believe that this is just a waste of public money and there are multiple problems that we should focus on, instead of this. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and will draw my personal conclusion.
In this day and age, numerous nations don't spend enough time or don't have any time to meet the family. This has affected many relationships, so it goes without saying that the gap in households is one of the most important issues facing today.
Most parents teach their children that the result of their work is based on their performance. They hope their children can be successful in the future. I oppose this view with the arguments in the following paragraphs. I strongly believe the learning process is more important than the result.
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