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Nowadays, children’s manners at school are worse than past. I believe exploring the causes of this problem can assist in finding suitable solutions to resolve it.
There is a belief that offspring should follow a daily routine wherein physical activities are allocated a larger proportion of time than they currently are while studying a smaller proportion. In my opinion, this idea is partly reasonable.
It is commonly believed that the government must implement rules and regulations that can reduce environmental pollution and housing problems, which in turn can help prevent diseases. I vehemently agree with the statement made and in this essay will discuss the reasons behind my agreement.
Although many individuals believe that the perfect path to advance public health is by raising the figure of sports facilities, others argue that this has less influence. In my opinion, I consider that by having more sports amenities, people can be healthier.
Advertising plays a pivotal role in modern society, influencing consumer behavior and decision-making processes to varying extents. While some argue that advertising has a profound impact on decisions, others contend that its effect is minimal. This essay will explore both perspectives before providing a reasoned conclusion.
Due to the fact of the development of technologies, many people apply fast snacks in their main dishes.The writer of this essay believes the pros of junk drinking outweigh the cons counterpart because of health problems and laziness.
In Asian countries, parents tend to push their children to spend a lot of time studying and get high scores. It has a negative impact on the physical and mental health of children. In this essay, I will delve into the reasons and give my opinion on that matter.
According to some, learning a new language at primary school is beneficial for children compared to learning it later in secondary school. According to a recent survey, student's learning capabilities are potent when they are young, and as they age their skill reduces for multiple reasons. Hence, I believe younger ones exposed to new languages get better advantages compared to senior ones and I have the following comparisons to substantiate my claim.
Since innovation is about creations and new products, some individuals claim that traditions are not necessary for progress as they are outdated, thus we ought to put them aside. I totally disagree with this statement and believes that traditions are imperative for improvement and future society because traditions bring lessons and inspiration to the public, and innovations cannot have a great development without the foundations of traditions.
In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the preferences of holidaymakers, with many seeking more adventurous and exhilarating experiences rather than traditional relaxing breaks in far-away destinations. While some argue that this change reflects evolving consumer desires, others contend that it represents a broader societal shift towards valuing unique and challenging activities. This essay will explore both perspectives before presenting a reasoned conclusion.
In the present day, the number of individuals consuming fast foods has gradually increased over the years. In my opinion, this trend might cause negative consequences in the long term. This essay will describe both aspects regarding the strengths and weaknesses with some examples.
The issue between instilling a competitive spirit in kids and encouraging collaboration is a recurrent one, with each side presenting unique benefits and obstacles. While rivalry can increase motivation and desire for individual brilliance, collaboration fosters teamwork, empathy, and group success. In my opinion, a balanced strategy that incorporates both parts is most suited to overall student development.
Recently, there has been a worrying trend of increasing instances of bullying within educational institutions, accompanied by a deterioration in the overall situation. This essay aims to delve into the causes behind this trend and propose solutions to combat it.
The increase in basic necessities in the world has led the majority of people who live in rural areas to move to modern cities. In my opinion, both sides have negative and positive sides and I will explain each of them.
The modern enhancement of electronic gaming on smartphones, consoles, and personal computers is widely in demand with citizens around the globe. The majority of individuals support this innovation because of its numerous benefits. Nonetheless, some people prioritize discussing its drawbacks initially. In the subsequent essay, both the advantages and disadvantages of the subject will be thoroughly examined.
Nowadays, overpopulation in capital cities has long been a subject of considerable controversy and debate in a lot of countries. Some people contend this issue can lead to a positive influence on our society, however, I do not consider it to be optimistic. In this essay, I will elaborate on the reasons why I think it is a negative development.
It is a common belief that gun possession helps people to defend themselves and it is not related to increasing crime and violence. However, I firmly believe that allowing gun ownership can definitely grow the crime rate as it can make people kill others easily and even lead to committing suicide themselves.
Nowadays, taking prohibited mixtures is an increasing trend among athletes in various sports fields. This essay will discuss the main causes associated with this habit, and provide a possible solution. I believe that the main reason is the rapid effectiveness of this method, and a viable solution would be a ban on the sale of these drinks.
In the contemporary era, a number of people are moving overseas with their families. Some individuals believe that it creates a positive impact for the children, whereas others state that it results in difficulties for the children to settle in different nations. I mentioned both views with my opinion in the below paragraphs.
Nowadays, all platforms of online streaming are very popular, resulting in a higher rate of online game users. Therefore, some people think that playing games can teach us how to live, while other parts of the public are against that only experience in reality leads us to priceless lessons about life. In my opinion, I slightly agree with the latter. The reasons will be discussed in this essay.
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