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It is a common belief that drugs are used to treat numerous diseases by practitioners. However, i believe that the best solution to maintain good health is using natural therapies without any poisons. This essay will discuss both views of recovery and treatment methods.
Societies and art are integrated. Art is a part of every society's culture and it shows the beliefs and attitudes of its people. Seeking through the world each community has its own music that is identical and by which can be recognized. so it is believed that art plays an important role in human social and individual life with relevant reasons and examples.
Many individuals believe that individuals over the age of 65 should be retired, while others believe that the elderly should be allowed to continue working until they are ready. Before concluding that I am in favor of the former conception, this essay endeavors to illuminate both perspectives.
Many public recommends that youngsters spend more time with their parents and siblings, while others hold beliefs that this view could be negative to the children. I think it's essential to spend some quality time with the family which will provide a several benefit to them.
Manufacturers and supermarkets have a significant role to play in reducing packaging waste. However, some argue that it is the customers' responsibility to avoid buying goods with excessive packaging. This essay will discuss both views and present my opinion.
Some people would argue that employers have to pay more for managers with third-level education than other employees. this essay totally disagrees with this statement because many workers do a lot of things more than their manager, and they stay late at work or on the work site under sunlight.
Currently, there is a prevailing belief that parents play a pivotal role in shaping a child's development as they grow older. However, an opposing viewpoint exists, suggesting that external factors such as television and friends exert a more profound influence. This essay will examine both perspectives and present my own opinion.
Education in general is always a topic of interest. Some assert that academic subjects should be focused on teaching, while others state that a mix of academic and non-academic subjects is better. In this essay, I will discuss both viewpoints and give the final opinion later.
There is no doubt that during vehicle-free days, private ownership of two-wheelers or four-wheelers is prohibited, while the use of public transport such as buses, cabs, and metros is recommended in metropolitan areas. Although there are both pros and cons, I believe that the benefits of this policy significantly outweigh the drawbacks.
Some believe that success in sport mainly depend on physical health while others claim that being strong-willed is a key factor leading to this success. This essay will discuss both viewpoints and this writer thinks that both of them play a vital role in becoming successful athletes.
There may be divergent views concerning whether instant situations should be regarded as addressed by international cooperation. Some argue that domestic strategies can solve the problems. Personally, I disagree with this view.
In the modern world, individuals tend to live far away from their family and loved one due to work arrangements. There are various reasons behind this, along with multiple pros and cons. This essay will discuss the negative and positive sides of the matter before presenting my agreement with the advantages.
Currently, online books are broadly known by society, also, many people claim they can outweigh the old ones whilst other believes that conventional books will remain its popularity. Electronic reports facilitate versatility, on the contrary, the latter provides a convenient feeling of reading. This essay will discuss both of these perspectives and give a statement.
A large number of university alumni experience difficulties in searching for their first job in their fields after graduation. This is mainly because of the lack of work experience and impractical knowledge they get from tertiary institutes. There are a number of solutions that can help to improve this situation.
It is a common belief that many countries have more elderly populations than young ones. While I agree that a higher percentage of elderly is a good development, I still believe that the increase in older people has many risks.
Many argue that competing in a variety of daily environments is a positive, while others feel a focus on cooperation would be ideal. In my opinion, although competition can yield transformational results, it is more valuable to embrace cooperation as a guiding principle.
These days, some say an ageing society has some drawbacks for governments while others believe that elderly people bring benefits to our society. In my opinion, an ageing population may outweigh the disadvantages because of increasing productivity.
In the 21st century, earning money has become more important than ever before. Our century has seen remarkable financial and medical advancements, yet we also face novel challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental crises like drought, and growing wealth inequality. Given these complexities, it is crucial for everyone, especially young people, to prioritize saving money for the future.
Students study different subjects in school nowadays, and there is a constant debate about which subjects are more crucial. Some believe that History is one of the most important subjects while others stand for Science and Technology. From my perspective, these two subjects are all crucial for students to learn.
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