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In modern times, most teenagers encounter numerous challenges at home and school. This is a social problem that needs to be addressed with attention to their lives. Parents and other adults should actively engage in providing solutions to these challenges.
In some cases, parents permit their children to play on gadgets such as laptops or smartphones, because they believe that they play a vital role in developing their technological abilities. On the contrary, others strictly restrict their kids from utilizing them in any given context. Whilst giving young kids exposure to technology can help equip them with skills that can become handy in the future, I strongly believe that the mental issues and impacts on the social life of children, that derive from using them, are both very detrimental consequences that justify such restrictions.
It is evident that environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, and air pollution require a global collaboration to effectively address them. However, while International cooperation and agreements are crucial, local activities at individual and national levels play a significant role. I am content that countries can control this problem by establishing regulations and implementing penalties on individuals or industries who fail to comply with environmental guidelines.
Nowadays, a controversial action has arisen which is transforming from rural areas to cities. In this report, I will go through the merits and demerits of this development, and then allow me to present my point of view.
Achieving a work-life balance is necessary for both task and personal activity but people are trying to exhaust their health to get success and the result is almost zero . This essay will discuss the technological and materialistic causes of imbalance and provide possible solutions.
The damages of smoking are popular all over the world, however residents repeat this routine. I think the meaning of smoking is coded not as it is to people's brains, even, some people even think that it's a cool habit when others see that they are smoking.
Some people opine that the most effective way to solve traffic congestion is to give free public transports all day long for citizens. However, I do not agree with this idea wholeheartedly, and I will explain why in the following paragraphs.
In the modern era, the requirement of people to available things has increased. Having a lack of time leads to the consequences of these demands. I am going to dispute this phenomenon is negative and affects people patient behaviour.
Today, the development of other shapes of treatment had been increased which is most of those causing hazardous and unsuccessful effects. In fact, I strongly agreed that people should avoid the alternative shapes of treatment for two main reasons.
Nowadays, the relocation of professionals around the world is very common and easy to do due to the better transportation system and the increase in job opportunities in some countries which do have not enough human resources. Some people say that professionals must work in the country where they studied, meanwhile, others argue that they should be free to work in another country. This essay will elaborate on both views and provide the reasons why I believe that professionals should work in the country where they were trained.
It is true that there is an increasing number of businesses nowadays having their conferences and training sessions held online. While this can offer various advantages, it can also bring about some detrimental effects.
It is thought by some people that the influx of tourists will ruin and destroy their authentic culture while others believe it is the way to save culture. In this essay, both viewpoints will be outlined before reaching my conclusion.
Whilst many think that playing sports is just a source of entertainment, I believe that participation in different sports has many benefits because games help a person to stay physically and mentally healthy, and sports also increase competitive spirit among individuals.
The rural exodus of young people to urban areas presents several challenges for countryside communities, exacerbating existing issues and creating new ones. This demographic shift can lead to a myriad of problems:
Significant changes have occurred in the labour market recently. In this context, it is argued that people should not rely on working in the same position or conditions lifelong. While the reasons for this phenomenon to happen include the advance of technology and a shift to a more flexible work mode, people are not always prepared for these changes. Thus, it is suggested that employees keep their minds open to feedback and engage in upskilling tech courses.
Over the last few decades, the increasing ageing population has long been a subject in many countries. Some people contend that the phenomenon could have positive influences on various aspects of our societies, while others believe that this could lead to detrimental consequences. In this essay, I will address two diametrically opposed views, and reason out the conclusion.
Having meals with family is getting less common today. The rising rate of employment of both parents and the increasing use of digital devices among young adults are significant reasons for more families to eat separately. The lack of time for conversation during meals can harm their relationship and promote the isolation of children.
For some citizens of different countries, fatness is accepted as a main problem, additionally, people think that street food advertisements are the major problem about this issue and should be forbidden. Nevertheless, others believe that unhealthy food advertisements do not contain any problem about heaviness and should not be banned. In my opinion, self-awareness is important for everyone's life and people who are working for street food advertisements, or working in restaurants which sell unhealthy food just do their jobs, and earn money. And sometimes eating from these restaurants can be enjoyable for us, but all people have to balance their diet.
Research has shown that lots of governments try to make the economy of a country better because they support that this is the most significant sector of a country. In addition, there are others who believe that there is a variety of other requirements for a country to have progress.
In today's digital era, people want to get things done instantly day by day.In my opinion,the reason for this circumstance is a lack of perseverance and patience.This disadvantageous development causes carelessness and inaccuracy in effort.
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