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Although some suppose that doing exercise in sports places is the most effective to keep fit, others, including myself, uphold that there are more effective approaches. In the following essay, I will investigate both views and I also express my opinion.
The immense advancement in digitalisation provides more opportunities to make films, not only for large film companies but also for small enterprises and students nowadays. I strongly believe that this development in the film industry brings us countless benefits to broadening the possibility of media arts and offering more chances to young creators to showcase their talents, while people should protect the movie industry from inadequate expressions and exaggerations.
The advancement of contemporary communication technologies like smartphones makes our lives easier than before, as people tend to use this type of gadget to collect information and accomplish day-to-day tasks. However, a group of individuals often believed that the use of smartphones played an important role in every aspect of life, while others thought that nowadays these devices would badly affect someone's life. However, this essay is going to explain why I agree with the second statement.
There are some 7-year-old children who go to school, while others start their first education earlier when they become 4 years old worldwide. While entering school at a young age will need both financial support from the government and adequate care for children, I have a significantly positive attitude to starting school at 4, in terms of enhancing children's communication skills and broadening their knowledge.
There are those who have a positive attitude towards renting a home instead of owning a house in some countries. This essay will explore the benefits and drawbacks of renting a home, and I will express my position that buying houses advantages for a longer life period, in terms of obtaining individual assets and personalising a home depending on preferences.
Nowadays, education and teaching are changing rapidly, which causes students to become more and more reliant on digital technologies. These digital technologies help students become independent learners. However, traditional methods which are used in many educational institutions make students develop their intellectual abilities. I strongly agree with the second proposition that conventional methods of learning are more efficient.
Some people believe that only politicians are responsible for environmental issues and the citizens can do nothing at all. I strongly disagree with this statement because, without pressure from individuals, politicians often do not work properly. Ordinary people can make a significant contribution.
Opinion is divided on whether the style of existing houses in the same area should be imitated by newly constructed houses or whether owners can build their homes of their preference. The writer contends that despite bringing a better quality of life, the preservation of cultural identity and an increase in the sense of connection are essential.
Nowadays, watching television is very common for children. majority of children are attracted to programs on television, especially cartoons. but what are the drawbacks and advantages of watching and spending more time in front of the television? In this essay, we will discuss the cons and pros for children of watching television.
There is a common belief in society that men and women possess different qualities, and as a result, certain jobs are more suitable for one gender over the other. However, I strongly disagree with this notion and believe that individuals should be judged based on their skills, qualifications, and abilities rather than their gender.
In my first year of college, the exam season comes every two weeks. Hence, I have had a hard time keeping up with that. Furthermore, it was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was lonely since there was a lockdown regulation. My days are filled with countless lectures and never-ending exams. Consequently, I was unmotivated to study and did not enjoy my college life. I was so desperate and even planned to move into another major next year. It was very stressful, and I had never been in that situation before. However, I realized that I should avoid dragging on this situation forever and need to fix it as soon as possible. Then, I started by approaching some of my good friends and asking for advice on how they handled college during the pandemic. I came to the conclusion that I need other activities besides online classes. Eventually, I joined an organization, which turned out to be one of the most exciting parts of college life. In addition, I also collaborated with my frien...
It is obvious that we inherit physical characteristics from our parents. Much more debatable is the question of whether nature also has an influence on our character and development. This essay will look at the evidence and conclude that, in fact, our environment probably influences our personality more than our genetic inheritance does.
Travelling to a foreign land is a rising trend. With the availability of various modes of transport, it has also become relatively easy to vacation in a different country. It is great that travel has become convenient but, it should also come at a specific cost. It happens in many countries- foreign travellers are charged a higher rate to travel or when visiting a monument. It is a proper practice as it contributes to better preservation of the monuments, museums and other touristy spots.
With enhanced healthcare facilities, people live longer than in the past. Although it is true that the increased number of elderly population, brings some drawbacks for governments this phenomenon has pros and cons. It is my belief that the positive effects of this occurrence could certainly offset its disadvantages.
Careers play an essential role in our life. A number of folks, including me, prefer to go to other parts of the world for perfect occupations and a host of life opportunities. However, a figure of people believe that it is best to stay in their country. In this essay, I will explain both these views and give my opinion.
In the modern era, there has been a debate related to public health. There might be some people who insist that public money should be put more into treatments of patients, while other parts of society believe that allocated funds for public health should be spent to prevent illnesses before they occur or get severe, and I am personally in the same opinion with this view.
Art is an essential part of every country in the world. Some people believe that museums and galleries should only showcase the works of local artists instead of foreign artists. In my opinion, I completely believe in this notion.
I disagree with the assertion that the only way to improve road safety is to have stricter punishments for driving offenders. While penalties for traffic violations are an important aspect of road safety, they are just one part of a comprehensive strategy. Several factors contribute to road safety, and a more nuanced approach is necessary. Here are some reasons why strict punishments alone.
In today’s era of Artificial Intelligence’s advancement in many aspects of our lives, there are still criminals around the world. Many people believe, that to reduce the crime rates, we need to make good use of the available technology for crime prevention and detection. While there are some advantages to use these kinds of tools, I believe the government should also consider the root causes of criminality such as economic injustice that the use of high-tech surveillance is not able to touch.
Nowadays modern technology brings huge changes in the lifestyle of kids they spend most of their type while playing games online or watching TV. However, I believe that it has a detrimental effect on their health as well as upbringing. I will discuss this in detail in my essay below.
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