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When I was young, robots were toys for children. Robots nowadays are different. They increased productivity, efficiency, quality and consistency. As a result, there is a trend that they are going to take over most of humans’ work in the future. In this essay, I am going to discuss what are the advantages and drawbacks of having robots complete tasks for men and why I think the advantages of that outweigh the disadvantages.
It is undeniable that news has significant impacts on society in various aspects, such as economics. People read news for different purposes depending on their interests. This essay will elaborate on the reason why news is so important to people, why bad news gains more attention compared to good news and lastly, why reporters should not focus only on good news.
Nowadays, more and more high school students are working part-time. While part-time jobs help these students earn money and experience, specific negative impacts on their grades, free time, and potential risks ought to be taken into account.
Nowadays, teenagers are becoming lazier and do less exercise than in many decades ago. Therefore, there is a need to add more mandatory sports lessons in schools for students. In this essay, I will present reasons for not being persuaded by this statement.
According to some, news stories can depict facts correctly by showcasing photographs and clips, whereas the other half believes that it is not trustworthy. With the increased popularity of social media and new AI technologies which can alter any picture, it's quite difficult to differentiate real vs fake visual stories. Hence, I believe visual proofs cannot be considered reliable nowadays. However, I will analyze both these viewpoints and provide my reasoning for such an opinion.
Oil and gas have been the most prominent sources of energy for various industries like automobiles, electricity production, etc. In recent times, there has been a significant increase in the global demand for oil and gas. The increasing demand but limited supply of oil and gas is popularizing the idea that the undiscovered parts of the world should be explored to get more access to these resources. Although I agree that these undiscovered areas might prove to be a great resource for oil and gas, at the same, it can be detrimental to our earth’s natural diversity.
It is thought by some people that the rise of gun possession by the public has led to numerous shootings in society. I slightly agree with this matter and the reasons will be outlined in the following paragraphs before reaching a conclusion.
Technology is flourishing in leaps and bounds in every field and therefore, there has been a constant decline in manpower. It is an undeniable fact that robots are replacing humans. I will discuss the effect of the aforementioned statement and conclude my opinion in the following passages.
It is incontrovertible evidence that emerging the Internet has entailed a novel lifestyle revolutionized considerably in recent years. Yet, there remains some polarization as to whether the integrity of this technology has influenced positively or negatively. While there are certainly authentic arguments to the antithesis, I personally believe that the preponderance of the Internet dominate that of drawbacks.
There has been a growing trend of choosing jobs beyond satisfaction rather than security since it can develop not only job motivation and efficiency. I understand this viewpoint, however, I also believe that having a permanent job can increase a person’s contentment of his or her life.
It is true that youngsters nowadays are having a tendency to leave the countryside and attend education and employment in the cities. Although this has some drawbacks, I believe the merits are more significant due to a range of reasons.
In the initial examination of whether it is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city, diverse perspectives emerge regarding the optimal environment for a child's development. Proponents of rural upbringing argue that the countryside offers a healthier and safer environment, while advocates for urban living emphasize access to better educational and cultural resources in big cities. This essay will argue that while both environments have distinct advantages, the countryside provides a more holistic setting for a child's upbringing.
Governments should start investing more funds in building more railway infrastructure rather than roadways. Roadways and cars contribute to a very substantial amount of global warming and deforestation. It also causes the demolishment of people's property. Railways, on the other hand, are an eco-friendly mode of transport and can offer better connectivity and faster access to areas. This essay extremely agrees that governments should construct more railways.
There have been growing concerns about ever-increasing crimes all over the world, the main reason is economically disadvantaged background. I understand this viewpoint because it is hard to maintain a basic standard of living, thereby the financial problems. However, at the same time, I believe people might be able to commit crimes because of their impulsive personalities.
In this rapidly progressing universe, advertising dominates every individual's personal life. In this essay, I intend to discuss the positive views of advertising's influence on society.
The debate over the necessity of school uniforms in educational institutions is a prevalent one. Many countries have made it mandatory for students to wear uniforms. In my opinion, despite some drawbacks, the advantages of this policy outweigh the disadvantages.
Today, children are taken care of by their grandparents because their parents choose to have 9 to 5 jobs. I am of the opinion that it does not cause hindrance to a large extent as they are surrounded by well support system. However, this phenomenon has some downside which shall be discussed in the following passages.
Nowadays, there is a growing consensus on the impact of road traffic accidents on people's lives. This worrying trend has to be thoroughly analysed. It is argued whether drastic punishment should be implemented to decrease the number of adverse incidents that could happen. The forthcoming essay will explain why I disagree with this notion.
Nowadays, work-life has been considered a controversial debate in society about whether we need work to live or live to work. I would argue that a comfortable life may happen after a work-life balance. This essay will delve into both views and subsequently will explore my own humble opinion.
Teenagers today face numerous challenges both at home and at school, stemming from academic pressure, social dynamics, and future uncertainties. Parents play a crucial role in helping their children navigate these challenges by providing emotional support, practical guidance, and fostering a positive environment.
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