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Travelling has become increasingly popular. It is argued by some people that science research and tourism to far natural environment is presently possible to places such as the South Pole. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this development.
Migrating to urban areas has been on a rise in recent times. A large number of individuals shift to cities in hunt for employment and new chances. This essay will discuss two main issues caused by these massive movements. It will also suggest two main solutions to these problems.
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These days with increasing urban populations, there are major problems with congestion and not only the price, but also availability of accommodation in large cities of the world. It seems that one possible solution could be to relocate large companies and factories as well as their respective employees out of these urban areas and into more rural ones. I strongly agree that this would have a positive effect in making cities more livable.
Television has become a common source of education nowadays. Some people argue that television can teach students efficiently and it should be promoted to watch at home and at school. In my opinion, I agree that it is a very good mode of learning. However, it also has negative effects such as promoting violence.
Nowadays, most of the youngsters are glued to television screen most time of the day. Many support the view that guardians should restrict the television time for their offsprings as this has a negative effect on them. I completely agree with this narrative, because this affects both their mental and physical health, and also diverts their minds from productive activities.
Nowadays, undoubtedly e-shopping is a popular option among buyers. It is considered that an increasing trend of online shopping will one day results in the closing of all shops in cities and towns. In my view, I agree with this assertion and this essay will discuss reasons for it.
Our environment is degrading at a rapid pace and preserving it of utmost importance now more than ever. A section of the society thinks that these problems must be tackled at a world level, while others differ and propose to handle them locally at the national level. This essay will discuss why changes should be suggested at the global level, but each nation should implement them and deal with their own issues separately by effectively applying a few solutions.
Progression of countries has popularized the concept of the reduced family unit. In my view, this is because of the limited family time and urbanization. This would have negative impacts on society, such as, it would lower the happiness index and in the long run this would adversely effect balanced population growth.
It is argued that teachers are more influential than parents on developing social and cognitive skills of young students. This essay is going to explain why some people think this and eventually, disagree with this point of view.
Incremental sales of familiar consumer products point towards the strength of advertising rather than the actual requirement of the society. In my opinion, people are carried away by the advert which results in increased sales of consumer goods.
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It is important to consider the main function of tertiary institutions. While some believe that the aim of the university should be to grant access to knowledge for its own sake, I will argue that the central function of the university should be to equip graduates with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to succeed in the work environment.
It has been noted that numerous social concerns are related to juveniles. It is argued that this is happening because parents are not able to take care and give enough time to their adolescents. I completely agree with the statement. This essay will discuss firstly that because of spending less time with their kids, parents are not able to inculcate good values in them and secondly, if children are not monitored by their parents regularly, they easily get to indulge in bad activities; followed by a reasonable conclusion.
When we speak about countries of the 3rd world, we note that they have a very low income and it’s a serious issue. In this essay, we’ll discuss whether the growing nations should depend on themselves only or the 1st world communities should help them.
Apart from parents, schools play a vital role in the development of both mental and physical of the children. Therefore, schools has to create the best conditions for educating students. From my point of view, I believed that a healthy meal is one of the key factors that contribute to children’s learning ability.
Environmental issues have become an increasing concern among individuals and governments in the modern world. While it may be seen that the role of government and large companies cannot be over-emphasized in achieving environmental protection, this essay will show how a concerted effort can accomplish this with individuals.
Adolescents who live in the countryside tend to leave their hometown and start living in big cities for various reasons. In this essay further effects of this issue will be discussed and I will put forward solutions for this problem.
Modern world today, as smoking is becoming contagious, many argue that it should be prohibited in public area since it is equally harmful to the smoker as well as people who are surrounded him.I completely agree the idea of banning because of the health and the economic reasons.
Nowadays, there is an increase in foods which are delivered from remote places. Some people consider that consuming local food helps to save the environment and to promote area business to more developing. In comparison with the drawbacks of this trend, I suppose that the advantages are much bigger and this essay will explain specifically for my opinion.
Violence has become an important problem nowadays. Some people argue that inhumanity increases when electronic media telecasts it. This essay will argue that although television plays an important role in promoting brutality, it is not the only mode of spreading and there are other ways of increasing such acts.
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Pollution is an all-time high problem faced by world nations and plastic is one of the major causes. As plastic carry bags, mainly from shops, contribute a major portion of waste getting dumped in many countries, most of such nations have policies to stop the usage of these bags. I totally agree with those rules considering the detrimental effects it can cause to nature.
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