IELTS Writing Samples Band 7.5

Thanks to developed communication technology and transport, people can now live and work in any part of the globe. I am convinced that the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages.
In many societies, juvenile crimes are rampant mainly because of disparities in the resources available. Whilst, some sections of society believe that the punishment for the crime should be universal, regardless of age, others believe vice versa. However, I believe that the time awarded as punishment should reflect the nature of crime amongst juveniles. I will substantiate my reasoning in the course of this essay.
In this fast-paced life,many efforts have been made to improve touristry;however, travelling can be a source of problems.While some accept that issue has positive effects on countries , a majority believed that issue has negative impacts.These points of view will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
There will always be a section of society linking crime amongst juveniles with violence in the media. However, I feel that while it plays a part, it is not the ultimate cause. In this essay, we shall look into the possible reasons for the upsurge in juvenile crimes and the possible solutions to try and curb this increase.
There is an overwhelming consensus amongst individuals that zoos are not a convenient environment to keep animals in there. Contrary to, others think that it is an advisable option for animals which are on the brink of extinction.In my opinion, the best way to see animals should be their own environment such as wildlife parks instead of zoos.
A various number of human beings assure that the young population has been enclosed with the dangerous environment and they should be maintained carefully. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks and will draw my opinion.
In the modern world, it is considered that top athletic stars have an extremely large income and this profit is not associated with their contribution to society. Whether that is true or not, I will try to find out in this essay.
In the modern era, the traditional way of communication is almost replaced by online platforms. Some people believe that this transformation is significantly beneficial while others claim that social media have detrimental impacts on the users. In my opinion, the usage of social websites such as What's App and Facebook is far advantageous than disadvantages.
The duration of full-time education that one should adopt has been a debated issue. While some people suggest that one should not end their full-time studying until adolescence age, I totally disagree with this idea.
Due to increased population, industrialization and growing demand to satisfy the day-to-day need, natural resources are getting polluted and diminishing. There are several other reasons causing the temperature imbalance which can be addressed deliberately.
In the present day, the individuality of people and their independence are a primary concern in any society. While some people claim that today the number of individuals dependent has been increased, others believe that the proportion of independent people are much higher. I tend to agree with the latter. From my point of view, nowadays, individuals have much more chances to appreciate opportunities.
The writer Henry Brooks Adams said that a friend in power is a friend lost. Good friendships are not supported on who has more things that can be from material belongings to inner qualities. So, I could not disagree more with this phrase.
Nowadays,advancements in technology have made life easy for everyone.I completely agree to this statement that it is useless to save old ways of living as everyone gets more benefits by using different types of technological items in their daily life as per their needs.I will further explain my opinion with some relevant examples in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Unemployment is one of the major problems almost all countries face today. The reason for this may vary from one nation to another even though, there are few solutions to rectify this issue. In my viewpoint, the government should fund the alumnus to become self-employed public. This essay will discuss the topic in detail with relevant examples in the following paragraphs.
Our Planet has witnessed the extinction of different species of Flora and Fauna in the last 10 decades. Some consider it as a natural process of life however in this essay, we will shed some light on the reasons behind the elimination of these creatures from the Earth and suggest some measures to avoid these disappearances from taking place.
From the invention of the wheel to the use of microchips in computers and mobiles, technology has come a long way. Some people believe that computers are the top most inventions of the past few decades while others believe that this is not the case. In this essay, we will share our thoughts on how computers are indeed the biggest discoveries of the last few centuries.
Nowadays, graduating from higher institutions does not promise to have a job. Accordingly to graduates from many countries, is graduated with a good predicate. However, they still do not have a job. It can be done by knowing the causes. Besides, are many reasons that caused apply this situation.
Issues related to the amount of sugar in food and drinks has been discussed nowadays. It is argued that food containing sugar ought to increase in price so as to reduce the number of consumers. On grounds of fact that these products are the main cause to some health problem. This essay totally agrees with this question and will explain the reasons.
In our present universe, luxury items reflect one’s status level in a community. Several individuals purchase branded items in clothing, vehicles or others. I strongly believe it’s a negative notion as such influence on people could divert them from education and discourage unwanted spending.
Lifestyle diseases are very common nowadays. Because of that, the life expectancy of the public is declining day by day. Therefore, recently there has been a discussion about increasing taxes for fast food to have control over these kinds of diseases. However, in my viewpoint, inclining tax for fast foods will not make any noticeable change in the health of humans. This essay will examine the topic in detail with relevant examples in the following paragraphs.