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One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in stress by their guardians to reach their children's goals. While some people argue that increased competition creates depression, while others believe that they can achieve goals with hard work. Both sides of this topic will be carefully analysed before constructing an inference.
Some people argue that young adults have a better awareness of environmental issues than older generations. This essay completely agrees with this statement because it is now taught in schools and there is a huge advocacy for a greener planet all over social media.
In recent times, the popularity of fast fashion has increased rapidly. Constantly changing clothing trends have become the norm. I believe that this is negatively affecting our society, and in this essay I will discuss the reasons for my opinion.
People hold varying opinions on how to aid children in rural areas regarding their access to education. While some advocate for expanding internet connectivity and providing computers as a temporary solution, I believe that establishing new schools and hiring more teachers is the more effective long-term measure.
In many countries, citizens are obligated to get vaccines to help with the prevention of diseases. This essay thinks that it is a positive development because it can help save lives and remove the strain on the health sector.
These days, people particularly younger generations are indicating a growing tendency to edible goods sweated with artificial sugar which is intensively detrimental to human health. Although this is such a primary human right to decide what to consume, I intend to contend that it is somehow the responsibility of governments to discourage people from purchasing harmful products by deterring strict rules. There are two primary reasons for this.
In contemporary discourse, the tension between advocating for equality and celebrating variety pervades discussions on societal values. While some emphasize the importance of recognizing the equal worth of all individuals and beliefs, others highlight the enrichment that diversity brings to human experiences. This essay will delve into both perspectives before offering a balanced conclusion.
Travelling to remote areas is increasingly becoming popular among humans. Although sometimes it could be entirely disastrous, people really enjoy a lot visiting treacherous places.
People have different views about whether anybody is able to make artistic things or those people who have specific talents can do so.
It is generally claimed that going on a diet helps people to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, there are other factors which contribute to individuals' healthcare effectiveness. That is why I partially agree with this view.
A debate has erupted about the value of taking risks in professional and personal life by human beings. I advocate that there are benefits of such more than the adverse results of being in a comfort zone. Innovative and creative ideas come from people who valued to take a chance although, there are many individuals who lose their financial resources to scams and also their lives.
These days, cars and other electronic transportation are commonly seen around the road. Although certain people may need it for work or any other emergencies, it is safe to say that it wouldn't be harmful to anyone to hold a car-free day once a month.
Some people argue that there will be fewer traffic jams if the government adopts the policy of providing free service of public transport on 7/24.From my perspective,I disagree with this point of view for the following reasons.
People have different ideas about subjects which are being chosen in universities nowadays, some assume that pupils should only be targeted to those of courses which produce science and aid technology, while others disagree and believe in freedom in choosing any subjects. I strongly support the latter due to its advantages in the long run.
It is often believed that a person is said to be healthy, if he maintains a good diet, tries to be stress-free, and does a lot of activity. In my area, crowds should be involved in sports, and follow a healthy routine to stay fit. In this essay, I will discuss, and provide necessary examples to support my reasons.
The older people become, the more important integrating exercises into daily life is. Agreeing with this idea, many doctors around the globe spur elderly people to exercise. However, the elderly tend to fail to incorporate enough exercise into their lives for the following major two reasons: inadequate time for working out and a lack of knowledge about how to exercise. In order to address these primary reasons, reducing their working hours and informing them of appropriate methods would be crucial.
Some people argue that the destruction that we did to natural habitats is so disastrous that there is nothing we can do to ameliorate the situation.While others insist that it is never too late to take responsibility for our behaviour and take remedial actions.
Smartphones are progressively replacing cinema in the entertainment industry. Although cinema provides a great experience of recreation, digital devices are overwhelmingly used by viewers. This essay will discuss why mobile devices are much more convenient as compared to going to a theatre.
Modern machinery and automatic processes have decreased the manual working opportunities for people. Therefore I would suggest manual labour should be reduced which makes life easy for the people but has a huge disadvantage when it comes to the community who faces tough challenges every day trying to endeavor opportunity and freedom to earn for their families.
Hosting international competitions such as the Olympic games and the Cricket World Cup has always been a pride for every Nation. While some people exhibit pride and assert it has a positive impact on society, others argue that the money should be spent on other useful things. This essay will discuss both views before sharing a personal opinion.
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