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The authorities in some countries rank economic improvement over other issues. I support this view because the benefits of this policy offset the demerits as it will improve the employment status and the standard of living.
The concept of the relocation of the conjugal family has become ubiquitous in the contemporary world because of its minute volume. Despite the fundamental drawback of losing old friends' circle, I believe that it provides children with several benefits such as improved communication skills and better education opportunities.
With the rapid pace of commercialization in various developing nations, there are a plenty of job opportunities available for the umemployed people. While most of the employers concentrate on the academic qualifications or the previous working experience, in my opinion, the companies should focus more on the skills and other private factors to determine best candidate for the placement. I completely agree to such a measure, which can help both the candidate as well as the recruiter.
In recent times women’s right has sparked great debates about whether women should have identical chance to choose their occupations or they should do housework and take care of their children. I do believe that they should be given an equal right to men so that they can decide about their own jobs.
There are various benefits and drawbacks of books, radio and television as ways to convey information. In my view, television is definitely the most effective of these three media.
Nowadays, the car use is increasing significantly. While driving a car requires proper training, some people often argue about the possibility of an annual driving check for all the licence holders. Despite of the drawback for the respective authorities to manage such a test every year for a large number of people, this kind of a precautionary measure can help uplift the driving standards and thus improve the safety levels. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument. In my opinion, this type of the practical exam must be implemented in order to lower the number of accidents in the region.
There are more and more big cities in the world as a feature of modern times. Despite the various benefits the cities can provide, the life quality suffers under a diverse set of environmental and social issues. In this essay, the most prevalent reasons and solutions will be discussed.
Increasing numbers of health issues are prevalent in young children in recent times. It is believed by some people that governments are liable to resolve this issue. I agree with this belief to some extent as in my opinion, this situation is the responsibility of both the government, the society and individuals.
With the recent increase in migration, the believe that the countries hosting mixed nationality populations are not only more intriguing but also develop faster is gaining support. Although I firmly agree with the latter, in my opinion the opposite is true about the former.
Expressing love towards our loved ones is extremely important. While some people think that giving gifts is the best way to do this since materials are the only way to show love, others think respect is a better way. I think we can do this by following both approaches partially.
Television has become a household commodity since the 1960s and, today, everyone watches it for several hours per day. Some people believe that television advertisements are important for learning about the latest products and understanding them properly. Others think these are designed to manipulate the audience. I support the former view.
Different countries have allocated different ages for deciding whether a person is an adult or not. I think an eighteen-year-old is mature enough to be declared legally as an adult since she has sufficient knowledge of the world to make decisions and she is wise to differentiate between right and wrong.
Artists often receive major financial support from the state, however, some argue that the national budget should be used in other relevant areas of concern. Although the artworks of such people increase tourist attraction, I believe that the government should spend more on the health problems faced by a country.
Governmental finance as a form of support for artists has evolved has a major topic of concern in modern society. While some believe there are real benefits of this policy, I would contend that that this is a waste of financial resources.
Many countries make a huge investment in art, believing that art is very crucial and conducive to human growth in various aspects. However, some people argue that the money might have been better spent on developing health and education rather than art. In this article, I will deal with both sides and add my thought on them.
Nowadays, it is now a common occurrence for youths to spend more time with their playmates and less time with members of their family. This is because they find the company of their friends more interesting and ,In my opinion, I think that it is highly unnecessary for folks to forcefully enforce their children spending time with them as this will prevent them from developing soft skills.
In recent times, most of the families are settling in overseas countries for career advancement. It is often preferred by the section of the society that settling abroad becomes beneficial for the children, whilst others do not support and think it will lead to have a problematic life for them. This essay will discuss on both the sides of the arguments as there are widely differing views on the issues.
I am a student of Microsoft Office Training (MST20) course in your institution. I am writing this letter to let you know that I would not be able to attend classes on 20th June onwards. I am hoping that you would allow me to continue the course with the next intake from October 2019.
I am a student of Microsoft Office Training (MST20) course in your institution. I am writing this letter to let you know that I would not be able to attend classes on 20th June onwards. I am hoping that you would allow me to continue the course with the next intake from October 2019.
Sustainable energy sources using the power of the sun, wind and waves are costly and impractical compared to the fossil fuels that we use nowadays to power our urban areas and transport. This essay completely disagrees with that statement, as conventional resources are becoming scarce and indeed more expensive than renewable resources, and the equipment needed for producing alternative energy is simpler and easier to maintain.
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