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It is important to consider the type of home when searching for a place to stay. Although some people want to stay in a house, others feel that staying in an apartment has more benefits. In my essay, I will discuss why there are more pros than cons in living in a house compared with an apartment.
With the advancement of technology, accessibility of the internet has been increased to a greater extent. Some people take it as a positive revolution, while others argue it to have a negative impact on our lives. In my opinion, It is a positive trend which has made every aspect of our life easier than ever before.
In some nations, more men and women are deciding to live by themselves these days as compared to recent years. I think this is a positive development because it can reduce stress as people can live freely without any restrictions and they can save their time.
The development of online shopping is increasing and this will one day result in the closing of all shops in rural and urban areas. This essay agrees with the statement because people can save a lot of time via online shopping and it provides the best price to customers.
The popularity of used clothes among young people has been increased these days. This is happening because of the scarcity of money, and unemployment and I believe this trend is a positive development as it can decrease the environmental problems.
Due to the advancement in technology the mode of reading has also changed. These days, a high number of people are deciding on reading electronic books rather than printed books. Although there are still drawbacks of e-books reading, in my view, the benefits are more significant.
In todays advanced world we have an abundance of choices available. Rightly so, some people think they have a lot of options to choose from. This essay will argue that with the advancement in science, technology and industrial revolution there are plenty of choices available.
People tend to be more competitive in modern society. In my view, being competitive has a major influence on many aspects of a person’s life, which can be considered both beneficial and harmful in certain situations.
As it is always said that prevention is better than cure, I agree that authority should focus towards reducing health issues but, at the same time should provide all the needed medical facilities for curing the diseased ones.
Many teachers hold the view that international exchange programs would bring benefits to all teenage school students. In my opinion, although such programs can be disadvantageous to students to a certain extent, I believe that the advantages are still more significant.
Traditional medicine is growing in popularity and many people are now using methods such as acupuncture and herbal medicines to maintain and strengthen their health. Many of those who have experienced traditional medicine believe that it is more effective than modern medicine. I completely disagree with this points
The bar charts provide information about the average years that people spent in school, the number of scientists and technicians, and the amount of money spent on research and development in both developing and industrial countries in 1980 and 1990. The amount of money spent on research and development and the number of scientists and technicians were greater in the industrialized countries than developing countries in both 1980 and 1990.
The charts below show the levels of participation in education and science in developing and industrialised countries in 1980 and 1990
Migrating to a different country has been on a rise in recent times. Some people argue having a blend of nationalities makes a state more fascinating and has fast developed. This essay fully agrees with the statement because having people from other nations brings in a wide variety of workforce and teaches about other local cultures.
There has been a recent increase in global trade which has led to many goods including those that we consume every day to be produced in different countries and transported long distances. Although there are benefits to be derived from this trend, there are also some drawbacks.
Various statistics from different countries state that the population of youngsters is comparatively high for the population of elders. Having such an unparalleled inhabitants in terms of age will definitely have pros and cons of. My opinion is having a situation like this will not have much of benefits for very long years.
Many people think that homework is unnecessary for the development of students. From my perspective, although homework has certain disadvantages, I still believe that it has a crucial role to play in a child’s education.
It is said that History is one of the most relevant subjects in education. Conversely, some argue that subjects such as Science and Technology are more important than History, nowadays. This essay is going to evolve both points of views and present my opinion on this discussion.
Despite the progress seen in agriculture, a lot of individuals still starve and the reason for the problem is increasing population. In order for this to be effectively resolved, the government should enforce family planning for all citizens in a state.This essay will expatiate on these, and illustrate with relevant examples
Nowadays, an increasing number of tourists are travelling to places where conditions are arduous such as the Sahara desert and the Antarctic region. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this trend.
In today's era technology is a part of a people's modern life is specially technological equipments to track individuals to buy smart gadgets like phone and laptop for their daily uses it has a many beneficial points like the latest features good quality faster and longer lasting however there are a few negative things such as a product are more costly make people is your and isolated and strong is about the eye of a bank smart goods is a beneficial
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