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World population is increasing in such a way that every person in the country can not enjoy the facilities provided by its Government. One among such debatable subject is secondary in every locality. This discussion is my opinion that proves a private institution has not had any negative side as many of the people considering.
Nowadays, a group of people, argue that spending period on watching movies is not going to have a value for the time and some group opposes this, saying that watching the film is not a waste of seconds. In my opinion, watching the screen is not spoiling the time and I encourage the individuals to see. The following essay state points to support my opinion.
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An Industry that has been known for its continuous growth is Tourism. Encouraging people to visit an area by the dwellers is always a step in the right direction. This is because, it brings so many good things to the individuals and the community at large. The essay below will shine more light on some of the gains.
Due to problems associated with the usage of fossil fuels, government ought to encourage the use of alternative sources of energy. I agree that those other forms of energy such as solar and wind will be a remedy to the issue of global warming.
Technological advancement has infiltrated all spheres of life, including education. It is believed by some that the increasing use of computers for learning is a positive development, while others hold the view that it has more negative repercussions. In my opinion, although some of its effects may be detrimental, I consider its role in education as a plus.
Movement of people from one place to another have been on the high side. These could be for business purposes, education or vacation. Presently, wards are now being sent to study outside their home countries by their parents because of certain reasons.
In a male dominated society, females have to fight for their rights. Although more than fifty person of the employees are women, the highest posts are mainly occupied by men in the in the developed countries. There should be a justifiable way to distribute these positions equally in both genders. I strongly agree with this statement.
Many people today feel that there are several choices for the present generation. There are many reasons for this like nowadays everything can be done by online. In my opinion, I agree with the statement because of growth in the technology we have so many options, whereas it is not the case in the past. This essay will provide evidence in support of this position.
There is a popular saying "friends can make or mar your". It is believed by some populace that it is preferable to pick friends with the same opinions as them while other people think  otherwise. In my opinion, I believe the latter is the case as it is better to have pals who at times disagree with your views.
A number of people hold the view that huge organisations and industries from cities ought to relocate to the countryside. In my opinion, the increased employment rates, and the development resulting from this movement are more significant than any disadvantage.
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Higher education has become the demand of today’s life. It has become highly expensive to run the universities nowadays. Tax-payers' money is utilized in some countries to meet the demands, but, at the same time, this is not enough to sustain the quality. This essay will discuss the two more options, which can help in financing the teaching institutes in the future.
It is often argued by few that history as a subject is crucial to learn about the historic moments and understand current situations, whilst others state that it is not necessary at all. This essay will further discuss both the views and present the opinion.
The car has been considered a symbol of wealth. The usage of cars rose significantly over the last hundred years, which has resulted in issues such as traffic jams and dirtiness. This essay will discuss the reasons of buying vehicles and necessary measures to hold people from purchasing them.
It is argued that when people move to to a foreign country, they should perform the custom and tradition of the new country. However, I disagree with this opinion, and I believe that people have freedom to decide whether to follow those new custom.
It has been observed that, in the various nations, overpopulation is becoming a major factor which leads to main problems. The following essay state one problem associated with the exorbitant rise in the crowd and the suggestions to reduce the impact in the country because of this.
Science and technology have revolutionized the mode of contact. It is argued by many individuals that the internet is closing the communication gap between people. In my opinion, I totally agree with this statement because you can contact someone in the other part of the globe within a second by contacting online or emailing them.
In every course in the tertiary institutions, the same proportion of both sexes should be admitted. I totally agree with this statement because the acceptance of boys and girls in every subject at the University would foster gender equality and prevent discrimination.
People in need should be cared for. In some nations, it is the governments that help the retired, unemployed and disabled with funds, while in other states, it is the responsibility of their families. This essay will discuss both the structures.
Dangerous and reckless sports have been popular and entertaining since long ago and most people believe that the individuals who take part in these should take care of themselves and not put the lives of rescue employees at risk. I completely disagree, since it is the rescue worker's duty to save lives when in need and of course they are provided with proper equipment and training to do so.
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The choice of residence is a debated issue. Some people opt to live in a house while others are of the opinion that residing in a suite is more beneficial. People enjoy maximum space and privacy when they live in a house, although there are some drawbacks to this.
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