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Traditions and customs are in a state of flux nowadays in most parts of our world. In many countries parents are choosing to have fewer children than in the past. This essay will look at the advantages and drawbacks of this changing practice.
Although, it is thought by others, that the past brings significance to the understanding of the present human life, many are still arguing that nothing important is learned from it for the time-being today. In my view, I consider history as valuable for people to understand life today, especially in communication.
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The entertainment industry is constantly on the rise. A few celebrities such as actors, singers and athletes earn millions every year. This essay is going to agree that the enormous amount of money they have been paid is not fair. Analysing the advantages of the work they perform and comparing their wages with other professions which are more relevant to societies will prove this.
In recent times, fraudulent activities have spiked up greatly. This could be argued to be as a result of the quest to acquire wealth and material things without having to work for them. This essay will consider the possible reasons for the increase in fraud levels and identify the how to reduce the menace around the globe.
It is believed by many that having lots of money is the major source of happiness. This essay will state that money provides a person with comfortability and an ability to afford all material things. It will also emphasize that succeeding in a set goal is another thing that can make one elated.
In recent years, there has been an increase in usage of social media. This has led to a switch in news updates being viewed on Facebook or Twitter rather than news channels or newspapers. This essay will discuss why people prefer it and how is this a negative trend.
Some believe that art and music should be removed from the syllabus of education to enable young students to concentrate on more valuable materials, namely, information technology. In my opinion, I disagree because although other subjects are crucial to learning, music is significant in shaping and nurturing creativity.
Despite the convenience of plastic bags for shopping, they are deemed to be major pollutants to the fauna of land and sea. Thus, some activists are calling for prohibiting them. I agree with their opinion, but I believe to consider other steps prior to banning them entirely.
Although plastic bags are deemed to be convenient to shopping, its waste has a detrimental effect on the fauna of land and sea. Some activists think that governments should prohibit them entirely. I completely agree with their opinion, but educating the public and introducing other alternatives should be considered first.
Nowadays, education has become very necessary in everyone's life as it teaches everything required for modern human to live happily. There are a wide variety of sources to get educated like schools, internet and also from older people. Nonetheless, some people believe that the information from family is more important compared to that of from schools. To some extent I agree with this point of view and In this essay I will explain my opinion with supporting examples.
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Every individual has unique preferences for colours. For many years now, psychiatrists know, how colours can influence human emotions. Due to this reason, offices and healthcare centres should be carefully adorned. This essay will discuss why the above statements are true and also the extent to which one's health, as well as the productivity of an employee in an environment gets affected.
The world has changed into a global village, and that requires an international language to communicate with each other. As English is one of the most spoken languages throughout the world, many people think that if someone acquires good command in this subject, then it will bring growth in his way of living. I fully concur with the notion because it opens up the door to work and settle in another country.
Science and technology have been developed incessantly in recent years. For that reason, medical science has progressed so much that people can reckon to live approximately 100 years or 200 years. Despite living for many years could bring certain benefits to human beings, some negative effects would also emerge with extended life. From my perspective, I would deny to live longer lives by delving on its untoward repercussions.
In this modern society, people receive a lot of choices and opportunities to land a job. It is assumed that people opting for a job at an early age and maintaining it as a permanent career are easier to gain job satisfaction than others who often switch their jobs. Personally, I think that both these options have its advantages and may bring people pleasure in their career lives.
Due to individuals’ unlimited want and desire, sometimes they loan money from their acquaintances. So, they could fulfil their needs. While most contend that borrowing funds inflict friendship, I repent that it is valuable. This essay will support why it is plausible to borrow money from our friends.
It is considered by some people that challenging hobbies are enjoyable. In my own perspective, I disagree that recreational activities must be difficult in order to be pleasurable.
Nowadays, a growing number of sports events organized in various parts of the world, the corporate have found a new medium to advertise their products as sponsorship. It is considered an excellent strategy by a certain section of the society, because it caters to the masses and is also valuable for the new businesses. However, others believe that it has a lot of demerits. In my opinion companies should sponsor the sports for their growth.
It is considered by some that country develops rapidly, if people from different nations stay together in a same country and I completely agree with the notion.
Many people are of the opinion that group study is a better way for students to learn, whereas, some think that it is more beneficial to read in isolation. The essay below will discuss on both sides of the statement, as I will also highlight my personal view on the topic.
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After you write your essay, you will be provided with tips with examples of how to make your essay better in order to get a score above 7.
Nowadays, with a variety of options available in the market, shopping has become the leisure activity for most of the Millenials because they feel relaxed and confident while purchasing these articles. In my opinion, the youngsters should be motivated to spend their free time in more productive activities rather than hopping from shops to shops to enhance their personality.
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