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Work Life over the recent times has become much more depending as compared to the past. In my view, in order to maintain the productivity of the employee, annually one month of leave should be given to them.
In developing nations, transnational corporations are growing rapidly. Although, it is a good positive sign for companies in terms of cheap labour cost. However, there are some drawbacks of forcing workers to task for long working hours.
Currently, there is a shrink of family size observed in some countries, as citizens tend to live more independent than people were in the past. Personally, I believe that this tendency has both positive and negative impacts on human life.
There is a strong argument from some people that government run libraries have become obsolete since digital gadgets can completely replace them. I concur this point of view completely, because the core purpose of a library was to provide a vast variety of books on various knowledge areas could be made available, and it is now easily accessible to anyone with a simple click. The funding spent for maintaining such institutions could be served well elsewhere in different public serving departments, and also in further enhancing the digital aspect of it.
A number of families purchase numerous toys for their wards to be engaged with. Although, this is advantageous in the sense that, it improves their cognitive abilities and helps keep them from becoming destructive, it however has a major demerit alongside which calls for attention
Exploring global cultures opens up new avenues to the world. One way to achieve this is by working for a multinational organization. This essay introduces my point of view and why I disagree with the statement.
The issue of whether or not the children should be engaged in some paid work, has sparked a heated debate. While some argue that having some an employment experience is conducive to the child’s learning and development, I contend that it would bring harm to the child’s health and learning.
In recent times, technology makes interaction among people changed. Although it provides us long-distance relationship and comfortable ways to communicate with others, the established relationship may become unreliable and short.
Extreme sports are essentially viewed life threatening by some that they want its access to be prohibited for the public. In my opinion, these types of activities ought to be banned as it influences people in negative ways.
The trend of more and more people moving to the large apartment blocks in many cities is being increasingly witnessed these days. Although this trend can open the additional advantages in the future, it could also bring some issues associated with privacy and safety. In my opinion, the positive points of this development surpass the negative aspects.
The crime rate among teenagers has increased dramatically in many countries.
Relating to the matter of living in an urban area, there are two striking contrast views that whether it is going to be tougher or whether it will get better eventually. (2) While I understand why that some people believe the former is true, however, the latter seem to be more reasonable to me.
It is a well-established fact that there are various ways of upbringing the children. Some people say children should be raised up with a competitive spirit while the others argue that the fondness of group-working can help them grow up to be fully functioning adults, whom will be able to greatly contribute to the society. In my opinion, these two views are not contradictory and both are required traits of a child.
It is thought by some people that immense global competitions have contributed to the development of the host country and have advantageous impact, while others disagree. In this essay I will argue why the benefits outweigh its drawbacks.
It is argued that being responsible for social activities is also a vital role for enterprises to play besides generating profits. Personally, i totally agree that companies should contribute more responsibility for society rather than simply making money.
House ownership is becoming increasingly popular. It is argued by some people that in many areas, construction of buildings for homes is necessary, but vacant spaces are only available in rural centres, others are of the believe that the countryside should be protected by not building new houses there. In my opinion, I do not support the view that non-urban areas should be shielded from constructing of modern houses because this will not allow for infrastructural development as well as can lead to the backwardness of such environment.
Online communication sites are growing very fast in today's world. People often use this site to communicate with each other, not only it has a positive side, but also it may impact individuals or society negatively. Thus, I believe, we should look at both positive as well as a negative side to draw the conclusion.
Although many believe that it is justifiable for popular sports competitors to get higher wages of salary, others think that it is biased for the part of other significant professionals. In my opinion, I consider the great earnings of the athletes acceptable for the effort that they exert.
The trend of people sharing their opinions towards various products and services on the website is being increasingly witnessed these days. In this essay, I shall discuss the reason why I believe it is largely a positive development even though there are a few minor drawbacks associated with it.
People generally believe that vegetarianism has both health and environmental benefits. I do agree with this view, but I do not think that vegetarianism is for everyone.
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