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According to some people, it is believed that children develop their creativity and other skills by doing fun activities with their parents, rather than reading books. I strongly agree with this approach as children learn their motor and cognitive skills only through play, especially when they are in pre-school age.
Nowadays, modern technology and busier lifestyle changes the types of games usually children love to play. It is believed by some people that older or conventional games are more beneficial than the modern ones whereas others claim the opposite. Personally, I strongly agree with the former statement. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits of playing traditional games using the examples of two recent published articles statistics.
It is undeniable that high salaries are often considered as the most vital factor when signing for a job. Although some people might argue that it is not essential, I would strongly say that it should have considered the most for a couple of reasons.
Crimes are inevitable nowadays. Every day, there are numerous burglaries, murders, robberies taken place almost everywhere on the planet. The government has set out efficient rules to reduce crimes. One of them is sending the guilty person to prison. Many people state that those who commit to crime should be sentenced to long term prisons, whereas others argue that there are different approaches to cut down crimes. In this essay, I will discuss both claims from my own point of view.
In the modern world, many people are willing to demolish old buildings, in order to construct modern skyscrapers, business districts or shopping centres. However, others feel that old constructions should be protected, because they are one of the national heritages. Personally, I reckon that individuals and authorities should take care of these constructions.
Drug abuse is a common observation, especially among the younger generation. It is stated that, these people should be punished for such acts by imprisonment, while others think that, they should be hospitalized and treated for this disease. This essay will discuss both these views and in my opinion, these individuals should be treated in a hospital as they are in a physically and mentally compromised state.
A large proportion of people are desired to speak a foreign language fluently, like a native speaker. In addition, Some people consider it necessary to live in the related country, so that they can achieve it. Obviously, this is possibly a viable solution, but I do not agree this is the inevitable option.
Every year an increasing crime incidence is being evident. This essay will discuss two root causes for this which are shortage of jobs available and drug addiction and suggest measures to address these issues such as providing more jobs for people and legislations against narcotic intake.
Undoubtedly, the method of communication among individuals plays a vital role in understanding ourselves. However, it is often argued by some people that the verbal method of communicating is superior to the use of text. I completely agree that communicating orally helps to convey the information better than writing. Exploring the ease of identifying the speaker's tone while speaking, as well as not having the need for formal education before speaking will prove this.
There is no iota of doubt that, many well-known players are doing different types of product advertisements. This phenomenon is offering multifarious benefits to the players. However, sometimes a couple of problems emerge due to the same. In this essay, we will throw some light on the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.
A curfew was inflicted on some cities of US, which states that no children under eighteen years are allowed to go outside after a specific time at night. If they have to go they should go under the supervision of a grown up. I totally agree with this statement because it is imposed for the safety and protection of children.
It is undeniable that a lot of people try to hide their real age and attempt to look younger. In fact, many people dislike the question about their age and find it embarrassing. Personally, I think this is because aging has been associated with many diseases and illnesses, whereas looking young always reflects beauty and good health. However, this obsession with looking young has many negative effects on individuals and societies.
Physical assault is seen commonly these days on entertainment portals. A few think that these movies and games cause a bad influence on an individual's behaviour, while others feel that the people act by their own will. This essay will discuss that, watching violence continuously has a damaging effect on a person's thinking. In my opinion, this type of entertainment should not be encouraged.
It is believed that to live in the distance from parents for students is much better. I partly agree with this viewpoint point as living far will teach to be independent as well as can cause some social problems.
In the contemporary world, all the corporate companies and organizations are keen towards making profits in their businesses. Besides this, they should posses social responsibilities.I am in concord with this notion.
Studying online is a conspicuous trend which is essential towards a child's growth and development. While some people believe that children's learning process should be strictly online, others argue that books should be utilized. Personally, I believe that both modes of learning should be used interchangeably, in order to achieve optimum result. This essay will expatiate on both views as well as the writer's viewpoint.
Games and sports are a part of our life. Football is known as the universal sport.Recently, the football hooliganism has increased significantly. This essay elucidates the reasons and the manoeuvres to resolve it.
The majority of people think that the melody plays a vital role in our modern world, which can reduce the gap of culture and generation. In my opinion, I totally agree with this point of view for many reasons and will discuss below with the subsequent examples.
The Senior citizen ratio has enhanced in many countries. Similarly, a group of people think that, it is a detrimental factor to their nations. While others assume that, elder people are important to the community. In my opinion, older people play a crucial role in nation's socioeconomic prospects. This essay will scrutinize both the factors and elucidate my views on the same.
Nowadays, sportsman is more influential on new generations. So, some people believe that professional athletes can create good role models for adolescence. However, some argue that they should not be good models. Personally, I strongly agree that athletes can be good role models.
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