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One common area of debate among parents is the extent to which children should be trusted to make their own choices and, the potential impact they will have in their sense of responsibility. Although, decision-making skills will help in some ways, I believe parents should dictate their decisions for children in order to make them aware of others.
One of the biggest debate humans have is whether city life is better than village life or vice versa. However, I believe that rural life is far better than urban lifestyle. This essay will indulge in both views.
Nowadays, we cannot deny that education is the most important for children. Education has a duty to prepare children to live in the modern world with happiness. There are many subjects that were taught in school. Some people believe that school should focus on the subjects such as information technology and deduct art and music. In my view, I strongly disagree with this statement.
Sports play a pivotal role in people's lives. A host of citizens holds the assumption that being a fruitful cricketer, footballer, one's inherent forte is prime. However, others believe that becoming accustomed to do diligence can lead someone to stand at the apex position of sports' career. I believe that strenuous tasks provide the summit position of sports world.
Night curfew is imposed on the US adolescents, whom it is obligatory to be indoors, except accompanied by a mature or grown up. In my view, this is the safest way to protect them from juvenile crime as well as from paedophile and miscreant traps.
Higher institutions ought to accept proportions of boys and girls students in all subjects. I completely agree with the statement because it will foster equal opportunity and prevent discrimination.
These days, gifts are common and they are usually appreciated by the recipients. Some people believe that money is the best present for the youth while others argue that financial aids towards education or vocational skills acquisition are the most important gifts to youngsters. I support this latter view.
Nowadays, people are changing their dressing sense and adopt Western culture's clothes so all people looks like same so that I think its positive trend. Some reasons for my inclinations are articulated in ensuring paragraphs.
It is irrefutable that cinema has changed the way we look at the entertainment industry. Some people believe that films should be made with knowledgeable content, while others argue that entertainment should be the sole purpose of the films. I tend to agree with the latter part and in this essay, I will present both sides of the argument with sufficient examples.
There is a tendency to believe that the government should allocate budget for community services instead of wasting that on promoting the fine art. I completely disagree with this view and this essay will discuss some beneficial aspects of arts which need to be more supported.
The importance of attending higher education has raised much concern of the public. Many claim that young people can only be successful with the knowledge learned at university, I, however, strongly believe such qualities should be obtained in both academic institutions and workplace.
Parents around the world have different styles of raising their children, some may be strict and others may be lenient. A number of teenagers are allowed to live by themselves, far away from home, whilst others are under close supervision of their parents. In my opinion, I think kids should not be permitted to live independently and I will give reasons to support my position in this essay.
It is seemed that most of the artists are being popular for their attraction and riches while it should be seen through their accomplishment, for giving a good figure to the adolescent. I partially agree with this statement which I will explain in this following paragraph.
It is argued by a few people that universities should only focus on practical subject courses, due to limited job opportunities and expensive tertiary education. I partially agree to this statement, which I will explain in following paragraphs.
It is believed by most people that students from needy homes, and those from affluent abodes, encounter difficulty accessing tertiary education. Meanwhile, others have rallied against this assertion. In my opinion, I disagree with the statement. It is rather students from a poor background, who suffer admission into tertiary.
The expansion of modernization has been increasing rapidly, so the television programmes and films nowadays can approach realistically the country at every corner of the word. As the result, some individuals would prefer watching films to absorb messages rather than going to synonymous heritage to learn skills. However, there have been something existing in this materialistic world that TV channels would have never exposed.
In recent years, the expansion of amount of tourism in luxury conurbations has been increasing rapidly day by day. As a result, the issue has become an obstacle which the local executive authorities feel worried about because of the detrimental impacts on local cultures and environments caused by resorting. However, the hindrance is surmountable if tourists can do some precise solutions.
Nowadays, The internet has impacted multiple spheres of human life. It provides us the services which make human life easier. Online shopping is one of the most impactful services which has been made possible by the internet. It has both advantages and disadvantages for individuals and companies.
It is generally observed that in numerous regions, new houses are required, however, the location accessible for making them is in the landscape. Whereas, it is believed by a part of society that it is more crucial to save the environment and not to construct new apartment there. I completely agree with this argument. This essay will discuss the views with relevant examples in subsequent paragraphs.
In the contemporary era, the individual's privacy is being opened up because the newspapers have published every minor detail.Thus, it is often argued that the authority should outlaw the publication of futile information, whereas there still remain some disagreement in this view. From my perspective, the journal should focus on the indispensable news instead of disturbing another person's personal space.This essay will highlight both opinions and also elaborate the need of controlling the irrelevant news.
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