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In recent decades, obesity has been received a great deal of media attention around the world due to its substantial impacts on human life. Various causes of this phenomenon should be identified before any actual solutions are considered to combat obesity.
It is irrefutable that, lifestyle has undergone drastic changes over a couple of decades. Obesity becomes the common problem across the world.Fat should be removed
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Nowadays, obesity has become a really serious problem, that could lead to a huge amount of work that many people currently have and therefore, a lack of free time. In this essay,I will further discuss the reasons that obesity is bringing and also how we could tackle this awful problem.
Nations worldwide are dealing with the increasing issue of obesity. This is a cause for concern for all age groups. There are two main causes, over-consumption of fast food and lack of exercise. Possible solutions would be a government tax on fast food and special incentives for gym membership to get people exercising.
Most of the people suffering from the obesity which causing the most disease, these diseases can affect the children as well as the adults. But what is the reason for increasing the disease numbers?
Obesity is a rising problem in the world today. The main cause of this problem is unhealthy eating habits and the most viable solution is a public awareness campaign warning people about the dangers of eating junk food.
Recently, Overweight has been increasing signficantly bewteen all society members around the would. In this essay, I will discuss a couple the reasons for this phenomenon, such as our current ilfestyle, then, I will illustrate some of the majourments that can be done to stop it, such as taxing the fast food restaurants.
Nations worldwide are color dealing with the increasing issue of obesity, which is a Cause for concern among all age groups. One main cause is the issue of over consumption of fast food and convenience foods. A possible solution would be a government tax on these foods with lower costs for fresh produce.
Now a days, the world has converted into a modern world, as the world is developing more and more medical problems are increasing such as obesity. The people of all over the world are confronting obesity excessively. In this essay, I will justify the reasons of this problem and propose solid solution.
Obesity is a pressing issue that many countries are experiencing. The ubiquitous presence of fast-food chain restaurants, serving high-calorie meals loaded with fats and sodium, and neglecting to cook wholesome meals at home are among the underlying causes, but there are possible ways of curbing this unhealthy trend.
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It is often thought that the worldwide community is having an increase in gaining weight. This issue is taking place in the category of the youngsters and adults. In the next paragraphs, I will discuss the cause and what can be done to prevent this problem in the future.
Nations worldwide are dealing with the increasing issue of obesity, which is a cause for concern among all age groups. One main cause of this issue is the over-consumption of fast food and convenience foods. A possible solution would be a government tax on these foods with lower costs for fresh produce.
Obesity is the main reason behind numerous diseases. In the recent scenario, obesity is the major issue facing all over the world. Not even adults , children's are also affected as well. In general masses , people believe that fatness is the major growing problem because of the modern life style , fast food and lethargic nature.
Nowadays many societies facing problem with the obesity. This problem is affecting both children and adult .This essay will discuss two main causes.This essay will also suggest two main solutions.
Nowadays, thousands of people are suffering from obesity, no matter what age they are. Today, people usually don't care about their health and continuing to buy fast cooking. All over the world, obesity is becoming a big dispute that should be tackled urgently. This essay I will look at the main causes of the issue and give some solutions.
It is a great temptation these days to be unwise with lifestyle. People tend to be busier with their passion rather than their own health. This leads to a big problem like obesity. This essay will describe problems and solution of the obesity.
Over the last few years, obesity is becoming more and more common among children and adult. This has become one of the problems that needs to be solved for the sake of the society's well-being and health.
Obesity has become an increasingly worrying issue that occurred to both children and adults all around the world. These days, some people eat junk food and unhealthy food all day. Of course, we need to reduce the number of people suffering from this problem.
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Over the last few years, obesity has risen significantly. Today, obesity not only affects adults but also children. Many people keep eating junk food regularly and not many people are aware with obesity. Obesity has become worse and worse because of it and it is important to suppress the level of obesity. This essay will look at the main causes of the problem, and propose some solutions.
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