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It is commonly acknowledged that being a famous person has some benefits. For example, sports stars recieve extremely high salaries and get benefits such as having dinner with their president. Otherwise, there are severa
Being a celebrity such as a film-star or sportsperson brings advantages as well as disadvantages. This essay will discuss whether being a celebrity is more beneficial or further problematic.
Many people hold the views that famous people in the fields of cinema and sports can bring them to advantages and drawbacks. Although they can have a lot of money from this fields, those life can be affected by the publi
Nowadays, there is a huge consensus that popular and well known people، recieve the greatest attention from all the viewers. Thus, it had been argued whether advantages outweigh the disadvantages of being known to most p
Becoming a person with a great fame can eventually cause more disadvantages than advantages. Hence, the problems are the privacy exploitation and the public's expectations, which are extremely annoying.
Nowadays, being a celebrity such as an artist or sports person is the most ambitious of everyone especially Gen Zee, because this is the easiest way to gain income on a high scale. However, there are more problems to be
It is true that being a celebrity comes with many pros and cons. Although celebrities earn a lot of money and they can influence people, I believe that these reasons do not outweigh the fact that they lose privacy and do
Some people might consider that being a celebrity has more perks and less problems. However, I believe the advatanges the fame has do not worth all the struggles that come with it.
It is generally accepted that being a well-known person, superstar, or sports personality provides both sides of benefits and downsides at the same time. I wholeheartedly agree with why being popular will bring more adva
No doubt, celebrities lead tough lives. However, there is an ongoing debate that being a famous person is not easy for individuals, as it brings many life challenges, but also comes with benefits. In this essay, I will d
Famous people who receive attention from the public get both benefits and drawbacks. Although this may bring them lots of money and work opportunities, they will not have privacy in their life and I believe that these ad
Popular people like famous actors or sports personalities have an effect on others by bringing both difficulties and benefits. This essay claims that celebrities bring more benefits than problems and will examine the rea
We all know if we had a provision, it is has their own difficulties. In this case, I would explain my opinion about why celebrities brings more benefits.
Popular people create issues and give benefits to society. I am in favour of these people bringing more benefits to the country in the form of money and good habits.
The debate over whether the life of a celebrity is one of enviable advantage or burdensome difficulty is ongoing. In my view, the scale tips towards the latter; being a celebrity often brings more problems than it does b
Being a famous celebrity, like a movie star or an athlete, brings drawbacks as well as advantages. Although earning huge amounts of money brings numerous benefits to celebrities, I believe that the lack of privacy is a
Being a famous person, for example a popular actor or a sports star, is problematic as well as beneficial. This essay believes that fame has more negative effects because it comes with the cost of being a burden to the s
Lives of celebrities, like famous movie stars or sports people, bring benefits as well as problems. Although earning huge amounts of money is an advantage for celebrities, I believe the lack of privacy in their lives is
The assumption of being a famous celebrity always increased people’s interest. This may be because they could take advantage of it, including a better live-stander level as well as some valuable opportunities. However, o
To be a well-known person, such as a popular movie star or sports celebrity can be both problematic and beneficial. Although stars make a lot of money and have power, I believe that to be a famous person brings more disa
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