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It is sometimes said that the translation of foreign languages via computers is the palatable replacement of time-consuming process of learning languages. Personally, I completely disagree because I opine that an automatic translation is not able to provide the sufficient level of knowledge of foreign languages and a flexible way to communicate with foreigners.
Computer programs are believed to now able to carry out language translation tasks far more quickly than any human can; therefore, some people believe that it is no longer necessary to learn a second language. I completely disagree with this idea because knowing the overseas tongue lets facilitate the quick adaptation of newcomers to the new country and makes it possible to establish business partnerships more effectively.
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Some people say that computers are able to interpret languages fast and appropriate so it is a loss of time to learn foreign languages. I unlikely agree with this statement as learning dialects not only boosts people`s memory, but also expands the horizons during the trips abroad.
It is commonly believed that it is a waste of time to learn a foreign language since technology appliances can quickly and accurately translate them. Personally, I can't entirely agree with this statement because by acquiring foreign languages, people gain the most useful life skills. I will explain my reasons in this essay.
Learning a foreign language is now often considered to be a dispensable task since computer software programs are able to provide quick and precise real-time language translation. Personally, I disagree with this opinion because the imperfections of such apps might result in misunderstandings and conflicts if speakers rely on them completely.
Learning a foreign language is now often considered a dispensable task since computer software programs are able to provide quick and precise real-time language translation. Personally, I disagree with this opinion because such apps' imperfections might result in misunderstandings and conflicts if speakers rely entirely on them.
In the modern world, many devices can without delay and mistakes translate from one to another language, thus, learning of foreign language would be a wasting of time. I strongly disagree with this statement because people not only develop their cognitive skills but also experience another culture deeply through learning its mother tongue.
Nowadays, there are many computer programs that can quickly and accurately translate languages. Thus, it is unnecessary to learn a foreign language. It can be clearly seen that the efficient translation programs are now available in various gadgets and works through the internet which means that people can access it everywhere they go. However, language is complex and I believed that the quality communication needs the linguished skill.
The use of technology has evolved markedly due to the invent of computers. Nowadays, some opine that, it is completely useless to learn a non-native language as modern computers are capable of doing it for us. I partially agree with the above opinion and this essay will discuss provide facts and examples accordingly.
It is undoubtedly true that advanced technology has given several essential things that revolutionized every aspect of humankind’s life. Nowadays, many computer software and online applications are available, which can easily translate any language into another language. However, it does not mean that learning a foreign language is not useful. I cannot entirely agree with the above view. I think that linguistic skills such as learning different languages are Important for an individual’s development/ person’s development. I would discuss some points which strengthen my viewpoints in the upcoming paragraphs.
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Acquiring international languages is a wastage of time because electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops convert languages appropriately and in a faster way. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this notion because learning a foreign language boosts the memory of an individual and also translating on electronic devices sometimes misleads the user.
These days, digital technologies significantly changed the way of learning in human life. It is effortless to get information in all languages, which are pragmatically accurate and translated in no time. However, some believe that due to the rise of digital dialect accuracy in modern laptops, learning a new language is a waste of time. I am largely in disagreement with the above notion. In my opinion, getting knowledge of a new language is not time-wasting; Whereas, it is essential for human brain development.
It's true that Nowadays many people are depending on a computer to translate languages to their own native dialect, It is difficult to determine whether the information is informal or formal that has more significance to convey the message to another person. I completely disagree with the statement the learning a foreign languages waste of time, I elaborate my opinion in the subsequent paragraph.
Nowadays, any language can be translated instantly with the help of gadgets and technologies. It is believed by many folks that acquiring knowledge about overseas languages is the wastage of valuable time. This essay will argue why studying foreign languages is an effective way of learning communication techniques with foreigners despite the expense of a considerable amount of time and effort.
In this present-day world, it has to be said that learning a foreign language is waste of time because of technological advancement: computers have the ability to translate different languages very quickly.I disagree with this notion because learning an extra language can improve brain power:memory,useful while out of range especially in the case of internet unavailability and studies had proven that polyglot person can achieve good academic excellencte and have critical thinking.This essay will enunciate the disagreement in detail with appropriate examples.
The development of computer technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable. The translation system is one of the innovations that destroyed the language barrier. Still, there is an argument whether this translation innovation could replace language learning.
Learning of non-native language is not necessary because we have electronic translators that can do it fast and correctly. This is how advanced we have come with respect to using technology to enhance our daily lives. However, I completely disagree that the acquisition of a foreign dialect is an exercise in futility, and in this essay, I will be discussing my views below.
The computer is the most powerful and successful invention in the history of human history. These days, computers translate non-native languages without any error and within fractions of a second, that is why many believe that learning a foreign language is a lost cause, I disagree with this notion for the following reasons.
An overwhelming number of people consider that new computer technologies can help with translation in different languages more correctly and briefly and there is no need to learn new languages. I completely disagree with this statement due to the lack of vocabulary and lexical structures and the impossibility of speaking in the real world.
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