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Together with the developement of the technology, the world is now becoming a more and more modern place to live in. Especially in such developed countries, high-tech machines and innovations are adapted and brought into use frequently. With a reference to this, there is a statement saying that in these countries, environmental issues are becoming more serious, which can lead to global warming. From my point of view, essential attempts to reduce the dangers of global warming must be taken immediately.
Global Warming and climate change has become burning issues across the globe. It's mainly caused by the rich nations and it is the need of the hour to solve these problems. In this essay, I intend to delve into the reasons of worldwide warming and steps that needs to be taken to control its effects.
A lot of environmental problems in the world are created by developed countries. One of the most predominated problem is global warming. In this essay, I will discuss why global warming is a problem and what can be done to reduce the dangers of global warming.
Industrial development has occurred plenty environmental problems. One of the major issues is global warming. I will briefly suggest some solution in order to inhibit this issue.
It has been observed that alot of issues such as global warming have been created from the modernization in many countries. This essay would be discussing the dangers of global warming and ways to reduce these hazards.
There have been a myriad of environmental challenges instituted by developed climes, which may be due to an increased level of industrialization. This essay will highlight reasons for such problems and proffer possible ways (which include; setting up strong laws and citizens’ education programs) of curbing them in the future.
In this new era of civilisation with the advancements in science and technology, an increasing number of environmental issues, especially global warming, are generated by improved nations. However, creating an awareness campaign and conservation of the forests are the main ways of reducing the dangers of the warming of the earth.
Environmental problems have become a growing concern in recent years. These issues have been known to stem mainly from many westernized economies as against the poorer countries. To prevent all mankind from possible annihilation, organisations could start taking the lead to prevent this impending disaster by recycling wastes properly or even educating the masses on curbing certain lifestyles.
The advanced nations of the world have constituted much havoc to the ecological space. This is hazardous and also a threat to global warming . Nevertheless , this global nuisance can be curbed if there is a timely intervention. The solution to global warming includes increased recycling of products, awareness on the importance of afforestation and its positive impact on the ecology of animals and by extension humans.
Climate change is fast becoming a front burning issue and as such, taken the centre stage at various international forums on the Environment. It is in my view that these issues be backed up with the attendant action plan it deserves to nip the impending dangers in the bud.
It is true that most activities performed by developed nations are mainly the cause of environmental problems such as global warming. However, there are several ways to minimize the damaging effects, as will now be discussed.
In recent times, countries with fast paced economy have created various enormous environmental pollution. However sensitization of the economy and creation of plastic alternatives will help proffer a positive and sustainable outcome.
In recent times, it can be observed that many advanced nations have created some environmental issues which has a significant effect on the health of the populace. In order to mitigate these problems, the government has some major roles to play by setting a limit on the emission of carbon monoxide and discouraging deforestation.
Our environment has been affected by a number of or actions and inactions, developed nations are not an exception and have equally contributed to a number of issues bothering our climate. In my opinion this concerns can be solved by a number of ways.
Many of the issues faced in the environment nowadays are caused by activities in the industrialized nations. These can be alleviated by recycling of wastes, discouraging deforestation and use of environmental friendly cars.
A countless number of factors causing climate change was introduced by the first world nations. In this essay, I will discuss ways to minimize the risk of global warming.
Environmental issues have been linked to activities by industrialized countries which have been hazardous to human existence.The peril of this climate change can be lessen by educating the populace and strict government policy which will benefit all.
A lot of environmental problems we face now is as a result of activities in developing countries. Even though, some of These environmental problems can be controlled while others can be eliminated. Their effects cannot be overstated on human and plant life. A popular environmental problem is global warming, and with all problems, it comes with some dangers as well.
Since the beginning of the twenty first century, the world, especially wealthy nations have faced a plenty of environmental issues, such as pollution, depletion of the ozone layer and the global warming. The effects of these issues on human lives are very dangerous. So, it is mandatory to implement some solutions to reduce it. This essay is an attempt to elaborate several ways to reduce the global warming effect and save the earth.
It is argued by many people that the production of people has a negative affect to environment which make the climate become more polluted. so this essay will illustrate some solution to deal with this problem
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