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There is a general debate that indulging in an enjoyable activity with children sparks their creativity and helps them develop skills more so than reading. I agree with this statement. Activities are more engaging and can help children more than reading does.
Even though people are used to improve creativities and increase skills via readings, doing activities with children can actually have better effects. Adults can not only learn new strategies and free their ways to think, but also, have more chances to challenges to enhance their professional skills.
The teaching method in the schools for primary students is a topic of debate and research these days, and constantly evolving. Whether reading alone should be used as a teaching method or some interesting activity should be combined to teach the charges, is a moot point. I personally believe that some productive activity should be used to teach the primary students for several reasons.
Parents around the world spend time reading with their childrens, preparing them for their school where their literacy skills will be further developed; however, recent studies suggest that focusing on reading at a very early age can be detrimental and participating in fun activities is far more beneficial. I am a strong advocate of this approach and I will exaplain some of the reasons in this essay.
A good mental and physical development process of a child always comes along with great efforts of his/her parents, family members and teachers. However, there’s a controversial topic between people that a child should focus on reading or doing amusing activities to be fully developed. From my point of view, the activities are more important to a child.
Recently parents are debating on weather they should push their childrens towards reading more often than other activities. I think reading is as important as other activities like playing outdoor games and watching eductional videos, but reading may not be as much fun for the offsprings to initiate it themselves.
Parents across the globe are highly concerned about the development of their children, thereby involving them in various activities. A large portion of the population believe that the best way to boost a child’s development is to perform enjoyable activities with them, rather than limit their learning to books. This essay entirely supports the aforementioned statement.
It cannot be denied that in current scenario the obesity level is like a wild fire due to that gaudians think that indulging in physical activity could help their wards to broden their horizons. Althought reading books would improves, their mental skills.
Parents across the world spend more time inculcating the reading habits with their offspring to prepare them for schools where their new abilities of reading and writing are further developed; in spite of that, recent research suggest that focusing just on reading at a very early age can be detrimental, and indulging more in enjoyable activities can make them grab ideas instantly; which can be far more beneficial. This essay will cover the benefits of studying in an environment where the learning and understanding capabilities will be enhanced through fun activities.
In recent decade the world has witnessed a lot of change in the field of education. Many believe that teaching youngster with motivational, interesting, and engaging games can be more fruitful and lead to the twofold development in children, than what he can gain at school through normal education methodology. In this essay, I strongly opine to the above context of including games, songs and drawing in learning is better than normal reading.
Dealing with pragmatic activities renders more focus and enthusiasm among juveniles as compared to reading and writing tasks. However, in schools, tutors focus more on reading the content rather than assisting scholars to indulge in activities that relish them. In the essay, my thesis is going to delve into the reasons that support my argument and provide the associated illustrations.
According to some people, it is believed that children develop their creativity and other skills by doing fun activities with their parents, rather than reading books. I strongly agree with this approach as children learn their motor and cognitive skills only through play, especially when they are in pre-school age.
Carrying out an enjoyable activity with a child can lead to equipping more skills and increasing our creative nature than reading. In my opinion, I agree that children do enhance our existing skills whenever we spend joyous time with them.
Parents throughout the world place spend time reading with their offspring to prepare them for school where their literacy skills are further developed; however, recent research suggests that focusing on reading at an early age can be detrimental, and participating in fun activities would be far more beneficial. In my opinion, I totally agree that doing an enjoyable activity with a child can develop better skills and more creativity than reading.
It is argued that some games are more effective to improve children's creativity compares to read a book. In my opinion, I believe that enjoy an activity and playing games are essential to expanding the imagination of a child, but reading is important too.
Throughout the world, one of the parents’ concerns is that their children are being raised creatively and to achieve the creativity instead of reading they use visual and intellectual games. These delightful actions have many beneficial achievements and contributes to the children will be more skills. I am a strong advocate of this approach, and I try to point out some of these benefits.
In the modern world, many individuals are concerned about the cognitive skills of young generation, because their education is essential for building a bright future. In this regard, there is an opinion that that doing creative activities can be beneficial for children rather than reading books or writing tasks without clear understanding.
According to some people, they believe that engaging in some activities with childern, improve their creativity rather than reading books. In my opinion, I strongly agree that parents who spend more time in their child’s play, raise succesful and fast learning kids.
Some people argue that skills and creativity would improving by doing an enjoyable activity with a off-spring, others claim that reading would devlop those abilities. I completely disagree with playing with children will imorive the skills and creativity.
Some people argue that skills and creativity would improve by doing an enjoyable activity with an offspring, others claim that reading would develop those abilities. I completely disagree with playing with children will improve the skills and creativity.
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