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Art forms such as music, theatre, sculptures define the heritage and culture of a place.In recent times, more importance is being given to the improvement of the public services and facilities by the government. Even though people's well-being is the government's priority, equal importance must be given in protecting the ancient art and culture. In my opinion, a balanced planning is essential for the nation's economic as well as cultural development.
Government uses its budget for different things such as art, public services, wellfare etc. Some people argue that government should only invest its money in public services instead. I personally think that the insvestments should be made in art and social services equally, and I would like to eleborate my thoughts in this essay with examples about this very controversial topic.
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It is certainly understandable that government should start looking at ways of improving their public facilities to a sustainable development. Government have to make a real innovation in keeping the stability of the society, which means that people should get good service from their government. There was a statement said that government should utilise the money for public importance, and do not use this money for other things like arts (music and theatre). Personally, I disagree with that statement. In the following paragraphs, I will give my reasons to support my opinion.
Hasn't everybody ever heard " this is a waste of public capital" or "governments shouldn't invest in that", this sort of topics are often trending topics in many different news and also in innumerable social media. This essay will tackle some reasons for this point of view.
A country needs to wax its income. The most promising income can be from the tourism industry. This can be supported by cultural aspects such as the arts, and public services. Explanation of the importance of government's expenditure on both of them will be elaborated in this essay.
It is often considered that government spend more money to make people lives better in terms of theday to day life rather than wasting money on art facility. however I am fully disagree with this opinion.
It is true that the government across the globe spends money on historic arts like sculptures and theatre. Many people think that it is a waste and that the budget should focus on public services such as the health care system. I think that is a valid argument and the finance should be concentrated in the public sector.
Recent years, more and more fund is allocated by the government to the arts as well as to public services and facilities. Although I agree that spending money on public services is essential, I do not think investment in the arts is a waste of money.
Whether nation investing in arts aspects or not is recognised among many civilians to be unworthy. However, supporting the state is a better option such as national services.
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Certain people argue that spending money on extra curricular fields is not worth, Despite the regime should support the civilian services financially such as schools and health care system and so on as this all play a vital role in forming the healthy and wealthy continent. I believe, if the public services have the regime as their prime investor, they would bring a myriad of change around the nation.
At present a part of government funds are being used for the welfare of the arts. Some feel that this is a waste of money, which instead be diverted to the public service.It is agreed that the administration must use their capital for the wellness of the public. Analysing the economic situation of the country as well as current need for the population will prove this.
In the present world, community development plays an indispensable role in enhancing citizen’s quality of life. It is debatable that the government must put more resource in the social aspect rather than in cultural aspect. I agree that community service should gain more money and awareness. Fulfilling people’s basic need and promoting social equality can keep the prosperity of social development, which is done by improving social aids.
The cultural entertainment is educational and beneficial for the population. Governments Should have a balanced investment to even spend on entertainment as public services. It disagrees that governments invest this money in public services instead. Analysing that arts, music and theatre can raise money for futures investments and public services are already being invested in first world countries.
In this present world, Government contribution to retain the artist tradition outweigh the economy balance. The diversion of funding towards public services should be more accountable to uplift it. I disagree with this statement, as an investment in arts is equally or more responsible to facilitate the people. In this essay, I will discuss my views what I feel for the right investment.
A few sections of society believe that authority expenditure in arts, such as music, dance and drama, is a misuse of funds. They argue that instead, the government should focus on duties offered to the public; for example, health and infrastructure. In my opinion, I believe that investment in talent is not a waste of resources. In fact,it has increased the government overall revenue as well as exposed the country to the entire globe.
Government is the body who plays major role in public welfare interest. Serving for people benefits comprises of things like introducing an tax on various products, passing bills consisting of changes in-laws and many more things. It disagrees that investing money in the field of arts is a aste of money. Arts is the essence of culture, is equally important to public services.
Money is a valuable commodity and the future of everyone, be it a country, a family or an individual, depends on how prudently we manage it. Therefore, there is always a bone of contention that the government should curb the allotted budget for arts like music or theatre and invest in other communal services. However, I completely disagree with the statement as arts reflect the cultural value and a great stress buster.
Recent years, more and more fund is allocated by the Government to arts as well as to public services.Although I agree that spending money on public services is essential, I do not think that contributing to arts is a waste of money.
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In the present world, nations are spending a huge amount in the field of entertainment like music industry is worthless. In fact, ministry should finance on society welfare. I completely agree that this is the best way to utilize all funds for nations development rather than arts. This essay will elaborate a few valid reasons along with examples.
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