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In some parts of the world, salaries of few employees are very high. Some people consider it is a positive sign. While, other set of people believe that government should impose cap on salaries and limit employee’s earnings. In my opinion, I believe there should not be limit for earnings, people get paid as per their skills set and talent, directly or indirectly it motive individuals to work hard and serve society.
In this world there is an inequality between the higher strata of society and the poor. This is mainly because of the skills and its rewards that these people have that separates them. Some people belive that there should be a regulating policy to limit the income of some high earning officials and some don't. While both the aspects may have some merits, in my view, people should have their own authority over their salaries and government should set up some non government organisations for them to donate out of their own free will.
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In some part of the world, salaries of employee very high, some people consider it I a positive impact. While another set of people believe that government should focus on an incline the high salaries. . In this following essay, I am going to examine this question from both points of view and provide my overall opinion.
Nowadays, an average salary of a person increased considerably, compare to the past. Few people earn extremely high salaries. Although some people think the government should control salaries, others argue salary should not be limited and it has benefits for the country. This essay will discuss both views and explain why the government should limit the excess salary.
Around the world, it can be seen a few people that detain a large property whereas the majority of the population earn less than they need to live. Might the government interfere ane regulate wages? There has been a hot debate about that matter over the centuries.
Although it is smetimes thought that countries benefit from few people who are paid wages in excess amount, some people believe monthly earnings should be regulated by the government and a minimum wage should be fixed. In my opinion, I consider that a country stands to gain a lot from the few individuals who earnn very huge salaries.
act talented workers from all over the world, which will help in the development of a country in various aspects. Workers with experience and a higher level of education are more interested in a job with the right payment for their dedication, which improves their life quality and satisfies them. So, workers could live without financial pressure and this enables them to concentrate on solving tasks and making valuable opinions which are crucial for the development of a company and country. Moreover, high-quality team also represent the brand of the company that they work in, therefore, high salaries need to be given, so the workers are more motivated to sustain the good image of the firm. For example, celebrities with high income will pay attention to their outfit and behaviour toward the public to maintain a good image for themselves and also their company.
It is commonly believed that a number of people are paid immensely excess salaries. Half of the folk consider that this situation is completely well because it stimulates younger generation to invest in themselves for earning high money in the future, while others believe top-tier government officials should balance salaries due to it cause income injustice.
The gap between rich and poor has been growing throughout the last century. Some individuals perceive it as a positive development for the country,however others think that it is the government's responsibility to restrict the earnings of rich people. This essay will discuss the debate, and explain why I believe that limitation of income by governments is a utopian idea and would not succeed.
Countries indeed do benefit from the high salaries of a select few individuals. However, there are calls for this to be revised so that all citizens get a fair salary irrespective of the job and title that they hold. In this essay, we shall discuss both sides of this coin.
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Competition for lucrative remuneration is a social rivalry. Nowadays, there is a social conflict whether wage could be a beneficial contribution for a country or should it be limited to a certain amount. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument in-depth.
In some developed countries, we usually see a set of populations earning really high incomes. While some people think that this trend is beneficial for a nation, while others opine that the officials should take necessary actions and keep an upper limit of how much someone can earn. In my opinion, earning is very personal and it depends on the individual's skills & abilities and the law doesn't have any right to curb the income of any person for their hard work.
Unlike long ago when women did not have the freedom of working outside their homes, nowadays, both females and males have equal opportunities to work for different organizations. In that regard, I strongly agree that it is a good idea for women and men to share household work. The essay below will discuss this view at length.
The present human lifestyle has become luxurious due to the high earnings of individuals. Although the rise in salaries has a number of benefits, some people believe that the earnings should not exceed from a state regulated amount.
As all the countries are adding a step for making the future better, lots of opportunities are available for the citizens to learn and earn. Furthermore, in many countries, the payroll of an individual according to their roles and responsibilities has been a debatable topic. Some believe that the ruling party must define a fixed payment for each opportunity while other criticizes the fact and oppose the same. In my opinion, salary is the basic motivation for a person to work, to limit the same signifies less interest and concentration, as performance is no more a key to income.
In the modern world, it is observed that the countries are the combination of people having different race, religion, caste and talent. Furthermore, focusing on talents, it is likely to observe wages differences between citizens due to their capabilities and job requirements. Thus, discussion on whether the leaderships should mark a fixed salary of an individual, based on specific criteria to maintain equality among each other is emerging. In my opinion, this income difference motivates and helps each of us to set high goals and try achieving them being competitive in a positive manner.
Nowadays, there is an continual argument over the amout of money is earned by people. While one school of thought believes that the imcome of peolpe should be curbed by governments, others, including me, assert that governments can benefit from the money that is made by a group of peolpe.
Nowadays more and more people are struggling around the world to make money in order to support their families. In some nations people could make a lot of money which may cause positive prospects to companies, individuals and countries, whereas some people think that government should reduce high salaries. This essay will examine both sides of arguments.
Many countries are giving overwhelmingly high salary packages to some employers. While it is considered by some people advantageous for a country, in my opinion, the state should minimized and control it.
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Different countries practice various economic systems in the world. While some countries like the United States has always been supportive of investors and rich people, others, such as China believe in socialism and strict control of the economy and people's income. I do believe each of these systems has its pros and cons, but I think governments should define some rules and regulations to harness the incomes.
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