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It is claimed that an increase in the price of fuel is the most effective way to solve surging traffic and pollution issues. I totally disagree with this statement because it is an item of daily use, which people need to
Solving the growing shipment is significant for citizens around the world. Some folk have suggested increasing the price of petrol to avoid drivers using their cars to decrease shipment on the streets. I discuss this iss
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Some people believe that elevating the pricing level of gasoline would be the most effective method to respond the increasing traffic and pollution issue, While the method can be one of the options to combat the issue, I
In the past few years there has been an exponantial growth in car sales. One of the reasons about this fast growth is because of purchasing power. This facility came into existence because governments try to create a big
Nowadays, the internal combustion engine become an indispensable part of human daily life, which has generated undesirable effects as transport congestion and air surrounding standard worsening. To diminish the stultifyi
At present, private transportation has increased among urban residents. Therefore, it is generally believed by certain government officials that raising the cost of fuel is the suitable way to reduce the numerous vehic
Some argue that traffic and pollution issues can be solved by making fuel much more expensive. Although this statement is convincing to some extent, I disagree that it is as effective as it is thought to be and I believe
Traffic jams and pollution are growing concerns in societies throughout the world. The government and people should take them into consideration responsibly and seriously. It is suggested that if the price of petrol is i
It is often observed that most countries all over the world suffer from two major problems which are car traffic and air pollution, so; it is thought that one of the best solutions to treat these issues is making the pri
In the contemporary world, global warming is a challenging issue for the world. However, there are numerous reasons for this problem. The government raised the price of petrol in order to control this and people believe
One of the best ways to alleviate the problems of traffic and pollution is by increasing the price of gasoline. Although this essay agrees with the statement, other possible solutions worth to be considered.
It is argued that the gasoline price should be raised to control the growth of traffic and the pollution that is caused by it. I am completely disagreeing with the proposal as there are various better ways to tackle this
Some people say rising gasoline price is the most brilliant way to control the growth of traffic and the pollution that is caused by it. I am completely disagreeing with the proposal as there are various better ways to t
The picture given on the left tells the procedure of producing cement and the tools used in the making process, while the image on the right illustrates the process of creating concrete using cement
It is undeniable that pollution has affected people's life significantly, so according to some, the best approach that the traffic and pollution issues would be solved is to rise the price of fuels, especially petrol. In
Many argue that raising the price of fuel is an effective method to tackle freight congestion and pollution issues. I wholeheartedly concur with this statement because a surge in the cost of petrol can deter people from
It is often suggested that augmenting the price of petrol is an efficient method to combat increasing traffic congestion and escalating environmental pollution. I completely concur with this assertion, as a higher petrol
It is said raising the price of fuel is the effective method to tackle traffic jams and contamination issues. I totally agree with this statement because increase the price of fuel will demotivate people to use their car
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