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It is quite evident that childrean are the future of the nation. Therefore it is very essential for descendants to learn about right and wrong in thir growing age which plays a vital role in become an optimistic in future. I presume thatpenance is quite eminent for this development.
Some advocates say that it is really important for the parents to educate children to learn the difference between good or bad whereas some believe that they will learn later in life, there is no need to penalise them or to put pressure on them to do good. As the benefits and disbenefits often comes as a package same is the case here, in this essay we will discuss this in detail.
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It is of paramount importance for the young ones to be able to differentiate between correct and incorrect. Although some people recommend that penalty is essential for the kids to understand this, I disagree with them. Nevertheless, the elders should punish them in ways that will benefit the children.
Discipline is crucial for teaching child what is good and bad behaviour from the beginning of their school lives. I agree to a certain extent with this statement and this essay will explain a few reasons and will illustrate some alternative beating that I believe are safe.
Learning to distinguish right from wrong at an early age is of great importance for children. To help them learn the difference, punishment is necessary. I completely agree with this point of view because getting punished is equivalent to facing the consequences of one’s bad behavior. However, only mild punishments should be allowed.
It is valuable for a child to understand betwee whats right and whats wrong at an early age. Many believe punishment is required for this understanding. I strongly disagree to the statement that punishment is required to teach a child about the rights and wrongs.
Some people opine that punishing children is necessary so that they learn how to differentiate between good and bad at a younger age. This essay disagrees with this statement because children could react negatively to punishments. Some basic punishments like reducing TV time or not being allowed to eat candy after dinner can be used by elders to educate good etiquette to children.
I totally agree it. It is necessary to know about the things that are right or wrong for them.First of all,it the best way to teach them early.At the age of ealry,the children can learn easily .So,when they become as a adult ,they can avoid the bad things.As a result of learning,they can make their life happily and at least they know which one is going to bad for them or everyone.
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It is generally accepted nowadays that it is difficult to upbring a kid since there are lots of factors affecting their behavior. At their early childhood they should know the good and bad. However, a punishment must be implemented whener they are doing bad for them to learn from their mistakes. And it is the role of parents and teachers to guide them into the right path. I strongly agree with this agreement.
It has been argued that penalizing kids from a young age is crucial to teach them the distinction between ethical and unethical. This essay completely agrees with the statement because retribution would enable them to learn from their mistakes and prevent them from having negative traits when they grow up. However, there should be clear demarcation as to what sort of punishment is acceptable.
Lots of scientists believe that our manner of was built from the birthday to six. Therefore, it should be learnt to investigate of right and wrong in early age and admiring or punishment play a significant role. In this essay the extent and sort of punishment will be discussed.
The development of children take place in the school particularly, when they are in their early age. It is very difficult for them to recognize the difference between right and wrong in this age, therefore, it is paramount for children to learn the moral values at an early age and punishment is necessary for wrong things because it is fruitful for them to learn the distinction between good or bad behaviour.
It is essential that children are able to differentiate between doing right and wrong early in life, punishment is vital in assisting them to learn the differences . In my opinion, I strongly agree that punishment as a consequence of disobedience is necessary because this serves as of form of deterrence as well as installing fear of being punished. However, punishing by correctional method ought to be used by parents and tutors to teach positive ways of behaving.
Some people reckon that how important it is to teach our children the identification among right and wrong things which they are viable to face in their schooling time. I strongly agree to this viewpoint and would discuss further which suggested punishment will bring back positive returns for our offspring.
Education at an early age is crucial for children to learn the distinction between right and wrong. Whether punishment is essential has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years. This essay will discuss why punishment is absolutely necessary to help children learn the distinction and also suggest various methods to shape children’s behavior.
Children are tomorrow's future and to craft and design future solely depends upon guardians/parents and teachers.Many people support an idealogy that from childhood,child should be educate in such a way able to differentiate between good and bad.Whereas some people advocate that let children enjoy childhood without worrying about right and wrong thing.
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Many people think that the punishment of the children is the best way to teach them to be a good person. This essay disagrees with this, because the children who was punished when they was young, they may grow up with a depression. A better way to teach them is giving the love and talk what the true and false.
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