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While some people hold the view that living in a city preferable.Others believe that living a country side worst idea. I agree with first viewview because life more comfortable, easy and urban town opens door of a career .
Some people think that living in an urban area is better than living in a rural area. I partly agree with this. This essay will explain how are the differences between both sides of these.
Man is a social being and we cannot live a life without society. It is believed by many that to live a peaceful and charming life town is the best option. However, while some people think that to live a peaceful and beautiful village life would be the most exceptional choice. I wholeheartedly believe that city life is mostly preferred by the young generation, while urban opted by the elders.
While city life has many pros as compared to living in the countryside, one must not neglect the advantages of living in a suburb. In my view, both the places have their own benefits but staying in an urbanised area is far more advantageous.
It is considered by some, living in a city provides a more comfortable life. On the other hand, some people think life in the countryside would be best. In my opinion, both have their advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed further in the pas
Some think that city provides a better life while others argue that countryside is the best place to live in. While city offers enormous career opportunities to people, I believe that the better environmental conditions makes the countryside more suitable for living.
Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting.
A proverb goes that ,God has created the village and man has created the city. A village is a very beautiful and lovely place and it's natural beauty attracts anyone to live there but there are lack of some modern facility which is found in city only.The city has all kinds of facility to lead a comfortable life but it's environment is unhealthy and discomfortable. As a nature lover I love country most.
Nowadays, The value of market such a thing like Electronics, Home accessories, Automobile sector etc. Are play an important role in human lives compare with the previous decades. Therefore, on one side some people think that living in a city is better. On the other hand, some public believe that their life is good to live in the countryside. I equally believe that both the side is good for what is the main purpose of people. I give my opinion and my point of view according to my knowledge.
It is often believed that it is better to reside in a metropolis, however, other people prefer to live in the rural areas. The reason of this is convenient for the former and lesser pollution for the latter. My own viewpoint will also be stated.
Nowadays people have choise live in city or countryside,some people have arguments why is finer to live in city but some prefer we know both of them has their advantages and is very interesting why people choose each place to live.
Cities and countrysides have always been popular choices to live in. While some argue that residing in cities is more beneficial, another group consider countryside is a better place to live. This essay will discuss both view in depth, as well as explaining why i believe one can have a better life in a city.
It is commonly believed that living in a city is the best choice whilst others have a preference for dwelling in countryside over the life in cityside. I equally think that both of sides is good for what is the main purpose of people. I give my opinion and my point of view according to my experiences.
It goes without saying that the civilization has changed the living style of the human being. People can choose the accommodation place according to their requirement. Nowadays, the comparison is being done by some individuals between the city life and village life. A certain segment of the society believes that the lifestyle of the urban area is good. While others opine that the rural areas are better for accommodating. Both the arguments need a proper scrutiny before forming an opinion.
In the modern era, it has become increasingly common that the majority of people move to cities for a better career prospects.Certain folks opine that it is crucial to live in urban areas for better career growth.However, others believe that it is better to reside in remote areas.In this essay, I will discuss both the perspectives and provide my opinion.
It is considered by some that living in the urban has a better quality of life, while others believe that the lifestyle in the suburb is more fulfilling. This essay will discuss the perspective of both positions and present an opinion on the following topic.
It is often believed that the life of metropolitans is better.Many people claim that people can have a healthy life in the rural areas. I firmly believe that owing to thousand amenities, everyone has a priority to have a luxurious lifestyle which is possible in cities only, as backwards areas are giving a hard time to the natives in this modern era.
There is no doubt that cities are becoming more populated everyday. While many argue that it is beneficial to live in a metropolitan, others think living in the countryside is better. I believe the advantages of living outside cities are more. This essay will discuss both sides.
It is commonly considered by many that cities are a better place to live because of the easy access to educational institutions along with the availability of ample number of employment opportunities, whereas others tend to oppose this idea and believe that villages are an ideal place to live due to less pollution and low health issues. In my opinion, although cities have more pollution, but its benefits such as improved standard of living cannot be ignored.
​It is commonly believed that living in a city is the best choice whilst others have a preference for dwelling in countryside over the life in cityside. I think that both of sides are equally good for whatever the main purposes of people are. I give my opinion and my point of view according to my experiences.
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