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It is widely advocated that individuals who reside in urban areas could gain more opportunities compared to rural ones. I totally disagree with the statement because of a variety of motives.
Some are of the opinion that life in towns is far more advantageous than life in rural areas. This essay agrees with this statement because cities provide job opportunities and access to various services.
Most people believe that living in a metropolitan city offers wider opportunities and benefits to the public when compared to other rural areas. This essay agrees with the statement that people have more positive feature
Some argue that residing in urban areas has greater advantages than rural areas. This essay completely disagrees with this statement because living in urban areas has more disadvantages, such as extreme pollution and exc
Nowadays, the population who live in the urban area are continually increasing compare to the rural area. Some argue that the city center provides advantages more than the countryside. From my perspective, I agree with t
Some people argue that people who live in a city obtain more advantages than those who live in the countryside. Generally, this might be true as a metropolitan city is advertised as a city that is full of opportunities.
Suitable place for living is debatable due to its being subjective and having varied opinions. Some people believe that living in the city has more advantages than living in the rural areas since there are many opportuni
Most of population trust in the way of living in the urban has more beneficial than countryside. I definitely disagree with the statement above because we can not judge by the only one opinion.
In this contemporary era, migration from villages to metropolitan downtown is increasing at an alarming rate However, the majority of people ponder that city life is too far good than spending time in rural zones. I adam
The world has become so busy nowadays and the cities have many facilities and premises that offer good benefits for us greater than the countryside, hence I agree the cities give higher benefits.
These days, living in an urban area provides better advantages as compared to living in a rural area. I partially agree with this statement for a variety of reasons.
It is argued that many people think living in urban provides potential benefits rather than staying in rural areas. I totally with agree this statement because to get an education for their children and are accessible t
It is argued that the better opportunities can be found in a city as compared to life in countryside. This essay agrees that living in a city can offer more opportunities. Firstly, cities can provide higher quality educa
In my country, many people choose to live in town because many positive outcomes such as higher education and better healthcare are provided to the residents of a city more than people who live in rural area. In this ess
The debate between living in a city versus the countryside has been a topic of discussion for many years. While some argue that city life offers greater benefits, others believe that life in the countryside is more advan
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Nowadays, world populations are increasingly moving from rural to urban areas because of living in a city provide more opportunities and advantages compared to live in a village. I partially agree with this statement, du
It is commonly argued that life in the city is more convenient and interesting than in the countryside . Personally, I can neither completely agree nor disagree with this statement for a variety of reasons.
It is commonly argued that there are more advantages when living in urban areas compared to rural ones. Personally, I can neither completely agree nor disagree with this statement for a variety of reasons.
Certain groups today have argued that living in an urban city has more advantages than rural. This essay completely agrees with this viewpoint because life in the city has more benefits for living not only more facilitie
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