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Nowadays, people are adapting to the different food styles rapidly, some of them are good for health and others are bad. Among the bad, fast foods are a major concern because of which the average weight of the people is increasing dramatically. Some individuals argue that the only solution for this problem is to increase the prices of these foods. I do not agree with the statement.
Obesity issue has become a major problem to the society these days. Adults and even toddlers are becoming hazardously obese to the point, that it affects their health. The government proclaimed that an upsurge in the price of the unhealthy food will curb this serious problem. Unfortunately, I strongly disagree the hike in the price on those food products will only affect to people in need and doesn’t resolve the problem.
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Overweight represents a serious problem in most developed countries. Health conditions due to the comorbidities related to obesity rates are at the highest levels in history and so are the costs for public and private health services. To cope with this situation, strategies have been purposed in order to diminish the impacts of people becoming fatter as it will be discussed as follows.
Now a days, most of the people facing major problem of weight gaining. Few people believe that food items that cause an obesity, if sell them at high cost can resolve this issue. I firmly believe that, by selling the junk food expensive can solve this problem to some extent.
Obesity is one of the serious concerns the world fights with today. Many communities think that many crowds nowadays are overweight than a decade ago. Some believe that the best way to resolve this problem is to raise the amount of junk bread. I am in partial agreement with the above statement as I solely believe that this problem can't be tackled only with the increased worth. I would like to shed light in the subsequent paragraph with an appropriate conclusion.
The overweight people are more regular seen everywhere, others said that it is better to raise the price of fattening foods, in which it could overcome this issue. However, I personally agree with this statement which will be discussed in this essay before a rational conclusion.
Nowadays,youngsters are preferring enormous amounts of fast food which is very dangerous for their health.Although,the fact that many civilians believe that people are suffering from being overweight and becoming careless regarding their health.However,I partially agree with the notion.The reasons for my agreement are explained in the following paragraphs.
With excessive consumption of fast food, a host of people are turning into alarming overweight. While a few people believe that increasing the cost of such food will address this problem, others take a contrary stand. I completely agree with the former statement as it will encourage people to cook a meal at home and reduce excessive consumption by children.
In this phase of the era, many people are being suffering from the serious problem called obesity. It is often argued that increment in the price of fatty food can help to minimize this problem. I am partially agreed with this statement and feel that although it is one of the probable solution but not among the best. This essay will postulates both points with relevant examples.
In many countries around the world, a large number of people are getting obese. It is argued by some people that raising the money of high-fat items will reduce its consumption and thereby people’s overweight issue will be addressed. I disagree with the opinion because some people are addicted to fast food which contains high amount of fat and simply increasing the price will not cut down their fat intake. There are some other additional reasons for my view which will be stated in this essay.
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In present days, working culture have changed the lifestyle of the people. This have caused serious impact on the eating habits resulting in various health problems. One of such problem is overweight. People habit of eating junk and fast foods that contains various fattening product can bring imbalances in the body metabolism.
There is no doubt that obesity is one of the most important health problems we need to solve in a short period of time. While some people believe that one solution could be increasing the fast-food prices, others argue that we need to go one step forward and implement more actions. In this essay, I will support with examples why I tend to agree with both of them.
Nowadays, many people become obesity due to eating fast foods and sugary products. it is agreed that government should implement a tax on these kinds of food which price will go up and consumers reduce to use that as a result. I totally support for this ideal and suggest that physical programs should be introduced and encouraged.
Nowadays, health has been becoming a top priority in many countries and obesity as major concern due to the lifestyle led by individuals. I completely disagree with this notion saying that increasing the cost of the junk food is the solution to this issue. As there are other options such as creating awareness in the public would be a more effective measure.
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