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It is increasingly common for people to work at home, rather than going to the workplace. While it is thought by some people that this will bring stress to the home, I would agree with those who argue that working from home is beneficial to both the workers and their families.
The work pattern of the people is changing with more involvement in household work instead of going to the workplace. This approach is thought by many to yield the benefits of better child care and family cohesion, but others say that familial strain is the result of this trend. In my opinion, a balance in the task distribution will be more fruitful.
Although some people argued that working at home rather than going to the office will be beneficial to the employees and their families, while others believes it would stress the home. In my own view, I strongly believe that having a choice to work at home will have a great impact on the lives of employees.
In recent times more people have started to work from home instead of going to their office. This has become a controversial topic since part of our society believes that this choice will be beneficial for both the worker and their family, whereas others think that it will only lead to difficulties in the household. In my opinion, there should be a division between the place where you have a job and the one where you are with your family.
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