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In recent times, it has been noted that people are consuming more and more junk and ready-made food. Also, they are not performing any physical activity. in this essay I will elaborate on its causes and steps to overcome
Health plays an important role in every person’s life. There is a common phrase that “health is wealth”, “Healthy body makes a healthy mind”. Most people have unhealthy lifestyle and they do not exercise regularly. There
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In recent times, we can see unhealthy diet and irregular exercise are impacting most individual's lifestyle. This essay is going to discuss the main reasons behind this phenomenon, and what steps need to be taken in or
On this basis, I conclude that the aim of this paper was twofold: First, by comparing midazolam and non-pharmacologicalnon-pharmacological two different interventions; playing with a tablet and watching television to
In recent times, a large number of people neither follow a healthy diet nor exercise daily. The main reason for this issue is the busy life of people and cramped living conditions. There are several ways to promote healt
In the contemporary era, many individuals have an unhealthy lifestyle due to consuming foods that are fruitless for their bodies and the lack of enough physical activities. This essay will address this issue by giving th
In today’s world, a lot of people do not really take care of themself lately. During the covid 19 and we’re all in lockdown beside, all the gyms or parks where people usually go for
In today’s world, a lot of people do not really take care of themself lately. During the covid 19 and we’re all in lock down besides, all the gym or park where people usually go for
It is believed that people are following a poor diet without regular exercise. In this ,essay we will discuss the reasons and possible solutions to encourage people to have healthy food habits.
The majority of the people these days follow a poor diet and do not participate in physical activities. There are several factors behind this including giving more priority to work and this can be overcome by including h
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