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Nowadays the relationship between people are changed by technology. The technology affects human routine activity and community. This essay will focus on the alteration of relationship with technology that influences on positive relationship with others.
In the contemporary society, technology has transformed the people affairs, especially in the field of communication. The above mentioned change has both merits and demerits that would be analyzed in this essay.
Technology has improved the way of communication compare to the past. However, it also made some good and bad effects to the people's relationship. In this essay, I will be discussing why I believe it a negative development.
These days the manner of interaction people have with each other has changed as a result of technology. In my opinion, I believe this is a negative development, because this can lead to isolation as well as exposition to dangerous people.
Irrefutably, technology made this world a global world as it conected people more as compared to past. This leads the intensity of trust and mutual understandings among generation. Though, I beleive this phenomenena changed the mindset of people regarding loyalty. I would explain my point of views on further paragraphs.
Recently, technology has changed the way people communicate with each other. This essay will first discuss that the use of mobile phones to communicate is one of the ways technology has affected the relationships of people and I believe this has become a positive development because it keeps families and friends moreclose.
In recent decades, technology has improved prominently and has changed our way of lives in different aspects such as our interactions. Considering how technology affected people’s relationships establish whether or not this is a beneficial change.
At the present time, human interaction is being greatly influenced by technology. Human relationships are becoming more easier to make and develop and also more accessible but technology is making these relationships become shallow. This essay will discuss how technology is influencing the types of relationship people make and also how these relationships are being negatively affected by technology.
Due to the rapid advancement in technology from past ten years, it has changed the way people communicate with each other. This essay will discuss how technology has changed the individuals and their relationships with others. In addition to that, this essay will discuss why it has a positive impact on the society.
Due to the rapid advancement in technology for the past ten years, it has changed the way people communicate with each other. This essay will discuss how technology has changed the individuals and their relationships with others. In addition to that, this essay will discuss why it has a positive impact on the society.
Today, we are living in modern era and in these days the way of communication is changed because technology make it easy then before.There are many ways this technology affected the types of relationships between people.However,this way of talking has both pros and cons.
Nowadays, this modern world builded by the help of technology. However, technology help to developed the communication method such, contacting each other. Technology has affected the distance relation making and creating fake relation as well, although, in my opinion, I think that it has become negative development because of suicide likewise problems.
Modern advancements are replacing traditional communication between people. And the developer in how we form a bond with people around the worlds that I will discuss in this essay is really welcoming and hopeful.
Technology has become a part of human life. Getting the fact that the world industry has changed into digital 4.0, we can see that every connection and relationship could be reached by a digital platform in our pocket. Handphone, laptop, tablet, computer has now been essentials for people to connect. Nowadays, it is often observed that some people tend to more engaged with their gadget rather than in real life. Even though the technology is beneficial for human, I argue that it can harm people in the contact they made through several digital media. Many fake accounts, hackers, and internet bullying can be found.
In the contemporary era, every character is busy in their work.Some expert thinks it is due to the latest technology and it effected on the relationship of the people.All the time they are busy on their mobile or computer.I think this has become a negative effect on the person's behaviour.I will discuss my opinion in subsequent paragraphs.Firstly, in the hectic life people are busy in their work and they have no time to meet with their friends and family member.for example, If a life is ill they have no time to go their home to greeting to know about their health.They call on their number and ask about their health instead of going to physically.This a bad effect on the relationship.People feel lonely and they are going to in stress due to the other customer behaviour.They have no interest with other people, what they are doing in activity.Everybody makes his own rules and regulation of the heart.For example, in a home we have no idea what the other somebody is doing.Nowadays, people thinking are changed.They have no taken care the other body.ON the other hand, they meet the people on some occasion specially birthday parties and wedding ceremonies.The latest technology also reaction the domestic activity since husband and wife marriage effect this.Children have no idea about the importance of the affair.They make his own heart.Our new generations are very effected and their parents have no point to describe the important to other people.To recapitulate, I would like to say that the latest technology is a negative impact on the human soul.AS a human being we care the other soul.We go to their home.We take a moment and visit the house of our relatives and make a strong marriage with each other.
The way the people associate with each other has tremendously been enhanced over the past decades due to the advancement in technology. It is now possible to communicate with people over a large distance without facing any kind of complications, as it is not only cheap but also the fastest mode of telecommunication. However, some believe that it has negative impacts on the society, but I accord with the view that the use of this machinery widely depends on how an individual personally uses their technological products.
Technology becomes one of the most vital areas of human civilization. Its development has been changed people live in many aspects, especially in the way how people communicate. Therefore, in this essay, I would like to explain how technology affects communication between society and the impacts that it gives.
In the technological era, several countries have been developing advanced automation in order to boost the quality of life for world residents. Inevitably, technologies have become influential things for communication, and lead to the fact that some relationship levels are decreasing and increasing at the same moment. Developing technology might be an efficient way in this decade.
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